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Saturday, June 15, 2019
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steve nasher
content writer

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Steve Nasher is a content writer. Current project: Real Skin Wallet.


A wallet plays a notable role as one of your accessories in your wardrobe. Having the right wallet to match your general style sense and varied social situations makes a real statement.†
Preserving and treating animal hides for practical use is one of the oldest procedures known to man. From the days when animal skins from hunting were used as clothing or draped over branches to keep ...
Need help choosing a wallet? The walletís purpose is to hold money, a driverís license, and maybe pictures of loved ones. Choosing a wallet that fulfills these needs means paying attention to function...
Wallets are one of the most essential everyday items we carry. We use our wallets for paying for lunch, buying the morning paper, a soda, paying for a taxi or perhaps flashing your ID at the front doo...
Weíre probably more concerned about what's in our wallets rather than what the wallet looks like. The humble wallet is one of those accessories that doesnít rate high on the list when shopping for tha...
In this article weíll take a look at how a piece of animal hide is transformed into leather for the huge range of products we see on the market today. From belts, wallets, handbags, jackets and sofa...
Ever wondered about the quality of that new leather handbag? Generally, leather is sold in four forms; full grain, top grain, corrected grain and split leather. Letís take a look at common leather typ...
The history of a wallet.Ok so we all know what the modern day wallet is right? Well if you donít know then youíve probably got no use for one since youíre likely from another planet.
A quick search online for a mens wallet shows as many variations and wallet types as you could possibly think of. With such a huge range to choose from, where do you start?
We have immense respect for the animals that are used to produce exotic leathers. In this article we present some of the interesting and lesser known facts of these majestic creatures.†
So youíve had your beautiful crocodile leather wallet for about 6 months and itís starting to look a little dull. Here are some tips on how to restore exotic leather products to their former glory
A brief history of leather tanning.The uses of leather and animal skins have come a long way. Long gone are the days where an animal skin was the preferred method of keeping out the cold or to line ch...
We all love the smell of new leather, whether itís your new car seat covers or a new leather wallet or handbag. Most common forms of leather finishes fall into one of 4 categories; full grain, top gra...
Choosing a menís wallet may seem a like simple thing and most people blindly chose a wallet without giving it a second thought. But letís think about it.
Ever gazed longingly through the shop window at that new leather handbag? You know its leather but what is it made of? Is it good quality leather? Is it cow leather or something more exotic? Oh loo...

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