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Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Affect Sperm

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If you’ve done any research about enhancing fertility, you’ve undoubtedly heard that being overweight can affect fertility.  But did you know that being overweight doesn’t just affect women’s fertility, it also can affect men by lowering their sperm count and lowering the quality of their sperm.  Worst of all, if you do succeed in getting pregnant, being overweight can affect you baby’s future fertility.
Major cause for male infertility is low sperm count, low sperm motility and a large number of malformed or abnormal sperms. Various environmental and biological factors affect the sperm count. Numerous ways are explained in ayurveda to increase sperm count, sperm motility and thus increase fertility of men. 
Sperm enhancement supplement pills are needed in case you experience low sperm count or low sperm motility. These are problems that can affect your fertility and stand in the way of your dream to start a family.
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Low sperm count is one of the main factors that affect a man's ability to produce a child. However, it should be noted that having a low sperm count does not mean that you are infertile.
The quality of sperm might not affect performance in bed, but it definitely interferes with a man's ability to become father. Both sperm count and motility are involved in the fertilizing process and if one of them is affected, your dream to become a father may vanish.
Sperm count and sperm quality are those one of the most important factors that have a bearing on conception. Healthy semen  actual should be either being thick and more in  the quantity white or grey colored even. He overall sperm count should be  around  atleast 40 million; this indicates  that the fertilizing capacities of the sperm. Some of the most  other common factors that men suffer are low quality and  also quantity of the sperm, unhealthy sperm and low sperm count also .
Volume of your sperm can affect to your sexuality.
Low sperm count is condition where  production of low quality sperm that is unable to fertilise the female egg. some couples who have been trying to get pregnant may  eventually realise that all their efforts to conceive may be in vain because the sperm produced by the male is way below  the normal conditions. Low sperm count is also known as oligospermia.
There are millions of sperm produced by your testes (testicles) everyday. Sperm cells undergo the natural cell division which inevitably leads to its maturation. Half of the sperm carries a Y chromosome (inherited from your dad) and an X chromosome (inherited from your mom). If a Y-carrying sperm fertilizes the woman’s egg, the result is a baby girl. If on the other hand, it’s the X-carrying sperm which fertilized the egg, then it’s a baby boy.
Low sperm count is the leading cause of male infertility. Also, bad quality of sperm, low sperm motility and lack of seminal fluid can prevent a male from fathering a child.
Oligozoospermia is recognized as low sperm count disorder. Moreover, this condition occurs when the body of a male produces minimal amount of sperm due to which any sperm is unable to fertilize the women's egg.
The quantity and quality of sperm has a direct bearing on the nature and type of food items that the men used to consume. This article emphasizes on the foods that help in increasing sperm count and improve sperm quality naturally.
If low sperm count and motility is stopping you from having a baby, your husband can increase his sperm count and sperm motility naturally. All you need to do is to suggest use of Spermac and Vital M-40 capsules in combination regularly for a certain period.


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