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Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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Baby Boomers

The baby boomers generation were born between 1946 and 1964 – the years considered as U.S. renaissance. Today, baby boomers are at greater risks for long term care.
The Right Mutual Funds For Baby Boomers By C.C. Collins, Wealth ... ... you are a baby boomer, time is not on your side. Many baby boomers see ... age fast appr
With the increase amount of baby boomers on the verge to retirement it's no wonder many of us are looking towards different ways of earning incomes and as a baby boomer myself. I have joined  where other baby boomers earn money at Wealthy Affiliate.
Baby boomers are getting to the typical old age but they are functioning much longer for a number of factors gone over in this article. Ultimately they do manage to retire.
To get a handle on the Baby Boom market, try using the “cohort” ... to segment this huge group. The Baby Boom covers 17 years, from 1946 to 1963. ... on when baby boomers were born, there
Baby Boomers are now facing the responsibility of becoming caregivers for their aging parents.  This can be both a challenging and rewarding time.  Here is some sage advice on how to approach the situation from one who has been there.
This article is about maintaining your youthfulness as you grow older. Specifically, it discusses what Baby Boomers can do to stay young, active, and continue to do the physical activities that they enjoy doing.
Thousands of Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age every day in the United States. Most of these Boomers must generate funds in order to financially survive. Many are planning to start a home-based business. An important aspect of this decision should be an exit strategy that allows transition to full retirement at some point.
If you were born between the end of World War II and the beginning of the Vietnam War, you are a Baby Boomer. 'Travel' is at the top of the list for many Boomers. Planning and preparation stages are crucial, and what you pack is also important. These travel tips can help.
Unless you’ve been in a dimly lit cavern for the past several decades, you know that "Baby Boomers" is the collective name given to the 76 million people born in the United States between the end of World War II and 1964. Often described as the largest, most knowledgeable and most fiscally influential demographic group in American history, their motto could very well be: Where does a 750-pound gorilla sit? Anywhere it wants!
Many Baby Boomers are upside down when it comes to their mortgages and deflated home values.  Should they continue to make mortgage payments or just walk away by mailing the keys to the lender?
Baby Boomers everywhere are searching for the Fountain of Youth and they have been looking in all the wrong places! This full-court push for youthfulness has no end in sight.  More than ever we read statistics that demonstrate how millions and millions of dollars are spent each year trying to catch the elusive "young" gene.
Who do you think is asking that question? Not the Baby Boomers, those very large group of people that were born between 1946-1964. The largest amount of people born on Planet Earth, for example USA 78 million, Australia 4 million, UK 7.6 million and many more millions in the rest of the world.
Many Baby Boomers are seeking to take advantage of the foreclosure market to purchase a retirement home, but because of restrictions put into place to counter “buy and bail” abuses, they are finding it difficult to get a new loan when they intend to convert their current home to a rental property.
Baby Boomers who are feeling some uncertainty and anxiety about the future as retirees can develop more self-confidence about the future and the present with these tips from a leading retirement lifestyle coach.


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