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Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Beach Diet

No question, the South Beach diet has taken the world by storm.  The popularity of the South Beach Diet has knocked diet heavyweights like Atkins off the charts.  Why?  I think the only reason the South Beach Diet has become so infamous is not because the South Beach Diet works so well.  Rather, because South Beach, a very exclusive area in Florida, is all glitz and glamour and has a very inviting seductive appeal - like Hollywood.  But like the saying goes, “All that glitters ain’t gold.”  The South Beach Diet sounds good, but there are some serious drawbacks. 
The South Beach Diet was developed by the cardiologist, Arthur Agatston, who was practicing in the Miami, Florida area at the time. The diet first appeared in a book published by the Rodale Press titled "The South Beach Diet." This diet emphasizes eating right, becoming healthier, and claims to create a weight loss of ten to fifteen pounds in as little as two weeks.
Diet books and fad diets are nothing new. It seems every few months there's a new weight loss program being touted by the so-called experts as the "new miracle diet".
Following the South Beach diet is one of the leading ways to lose weight today. There are several phases in the South Beach diet, and each phase has its specific rules and purposes. The key factor in staying with any diet is a person's appetite. Fortunately, techniques have been designed to help people suppress their appetite in a safe and natural manner.
The South Beach Diet is very popular with people who want to lose weight, but not have to count carbohydrates, fat grams, and every thing else! This diet is a great alternative to these sometimes unhealthy means of losing weight. The South Beach Diet allows you to eat in a healthy way and not completely cut out all your favorite food items, which in the long run makes it almost impossible to stick to, again leaving you frustrated with your attempt to lose weight.
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Many people opt to lose weight by using the Zone diet. This diet is different from diets such as Atkins and South Beach Diet because of the fact that Zone emphasizes a ratio which consists of the three main nutrients (carbs, proteins, fats). Is this diet the one you want to follow or is it just another fad diet that will disappear after another year or so?
Food industry needs to adapt to the South Beach Diet ... in order to remain ... the big amount of ... ... versions of foods that appear on the market, one woul
... recent ... bypass surgery has been largely debated. Being on the South Beach Diet made ... wonder how the former ... illness advanced so much as to need to be ...
Among the most popular forms of dieting is the South Beach diet, developed by cardiologist Arthur Agatston of Miami, Florida.
The cabbage diet! The rice diet! The blood type diet! Atkins! South Beach! No carb! Low carb! Which is the right diet?
The truth pro and cons about the South Beach diet. Is is really all that it's cracked up to be?
Deciding whether or not the South Beach Diet is for you.
What you need to know about The South Beach Diet: foods you can't eat; foods you can eat; and each Phase of the diet
The question How Do I diet can be answered in various ways depending on your goals or your desired outcome. You may want to know how to diet in order to lose 10 pounds in the next few weeks or months for some important event like a wedding, a graduation or to get ready for the beach. How do I diet should be answered, in my humble opinion, on the basis of health. The word diet is synonymous with starving oneself and I don’t advise you do that.


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