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Friday, October 18, 2019
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Better Rates

The current interest rates forecast is very clouded as overall rates have been all over the place in the last three weeks.  We have seen mortgage rates go from 5.05% to 5.5% and all the way back down to 5.1%.  Where are interest rates headed in September; only time will tell.
Overall mortgage rates have been heading lower for the last six months so refinance rates are going to follow in the footsteps of mortgage rates.  It is possible that we could see rates under 4.5% in the near future. 
An online search for merchant accounts through your favorite search engine will produce countless results from merchant service providers promising retail rates as low as 1.39% and e-commerce rates as low as 1.99%. You know the ads, the ones that "guarantee the lowest rates and fees". Aside from the fact that these rates seem too good to be true, doesn't it seem kind of that every provider can guarantee lowest merchant account rates?
The current mortgage rates forecast is definitely clouded as interest rates have been all over the place since the beginning of August.  We have seen mortgage rates go from 5.05% to 5.5% and all the way back down to 5.1%.
A little time spent researching motorcycle loan rates can save borrowers thousands of dollars in interest charges. With the motorcycle loan market rapidly growing over the last several years interest rates are lower than ever. Borrowers can even compare rates quickly online using rates posted on bank websites. Although interest rates are a good place to start borrowers must review loan terms carefully as well.
Are you aware of industry averages for newsletter open and click rates? How does your newsletter fair with this metric? If your rates have dropped dramatically or all along you have had less than stellar rates, please read this article to improve these statistics.
Locking in the mortgage rates is a big issue for borrowers.  If you are refinancing, you should know the right timing for locking in the rates.  These rates will not be locked by simple submission of loan application.  
Daily mortgage rates have been all over the place in August but it seems that the trend continues to be down.  If mortgage rates find a way to break below 5% we could see a great amount of mortgage applications for refinancing.
The Federal Reserve Bank is determined to keep mortgage rates under 5%; it is possibly that we could see rates as low at 4% if the housing market does not get better. 
Refinance MortgageLoanGetting a refinance mortgage loan is a smart move for any homebuyer. This is especially true if the interest rates are low. In the world of finance, interest rates directly affect the way mortgage rates behave. So if the interest rates are low, then mortgage rates will also be low. Low mortgage rates in turn lead to bigger savings from your monthly payments. And with a refinance mortgage loan, you can take advantage of this basic financing concept and reduce your monthly repayments while at the same time, increase your monthly savings.
For those interested in conservative investing it's important to get the highest rates in an otherwise low paying asset class. Here's a look at finding the best CD rates.
CD Rates are fairly low at the present. While the banks are getting practically free money from the Federal Reserve, they are giving low rates. The highest rate at around 2.5 percent can be obtained at many banks, but this might not be a wise decision.
FHA loan rates have mirrored average mortgage rates for quite some time.  We can expect this to continue which means that we might see a drop much like in mortgage rates.
Many Americans are looking to compare mortgage interest rates today as they have seen rates go up quickly in April of 2010. Homeowner are wondering if we are seeing the end of low mortgage rates for quite some time.
Many people fret the rising tide of interest rates. You’ll hear things like, “Did I miss the boat? Is it too expensive now to buy a home? How can I afford the house of my dreams? Maybe I should wait! Maybe I should just rent for a while! Maybe the rates will go down in a few weeks. “


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