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Thursday, July 16, 2020
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Class Action Lawsuits

The recent withdrawals of the prescription medications Vioxx and Bextra from the marketplace due to safety concerns has class-action lawsuits in the news again. What is a class-action lawsuit? If you have been wronged, can a class-action lawsuit help you?
Have you received a notification of a class action lawsuit? Do you know what to do at this point? What does it a class action lawsuit mean? How does a class action lawsuit happen anyway? First of all, there are several different types of class action lawsuits. Many of them are centered on large companies, but any establishment can be the cause of a class action lawsuit. What you need to know is how to either get your case seen as a class action lawsuit or to find out what your part in a class action lawsuit is.
Class action lawsuits are important for protection of employee rights. If you would like to learn more about class action lawsuits, or have a claim you need representation for, contact an experienced Los Angeles employment law attorney at Bononi Law Group, LLP at 800-641-5548.
Broadcasts from multiple sources including are advising clients and workplace managers of the huge uptick in wage and hour class action lawsuits. 
What is being done about Prempro?
The pharmaceutical industry is a powerful force in Wisconsin and across the United States.  We have seen just how far they will go to protect their interests, even at the risk of harming or killing those they are supposed to be helping.  Big pharma cares about profits; not people.
Affirmative Action Advocate (AAA): I believe in Affirmative Action, because it equalizes the playing ground. If 5% of America is Asian, then in a class room of 20, there should be one asian. If 35% of America is black, then in that same class room, there should be 7 Africans. By putting people of different race into a class room, it offers a diversity, where people can learn to appreciate the differences of each other.
The NCAA faces a possible class action trial that has the power and potential to destroy the association.
Had any Nutrasweet lately? If you have, you might like to know that a class action lawsuit is in the works against Nutrasweet manufacturer G.D. Searle.
Mesothelioma is most times caused by exposure to asbestos fibers usually at the work place.Mesothelioma victims can seek legal compensation against their former employees through either a class action lawsuit or through a settlement trust.
You may feel like it’s just you and your personal injury attorney fighting a powerful doctor or entity. But you may not be alone. If there are several other victims with similar circumstances to yours, you may want to consider filing a class action lawsuit.
Rising reports of femur fracture injuries allegedly caused by Fosamax medication has prompted scores of users filing lawsuits against the manufacturer. The number of lawsuits ballooned a considerable number as they mushroom across the United States. However, it is premature to tell how much exactly will the injured be compensated as, relatively, Fosamax Femur Fracture Lawsuit is quite new in the in the arena of product liability lawsuits.
Due to the International Fools Day this article will be devoted to funny, unusual and stupid lawsuits. Most of these funny and unusual lawsuits are connected to various fast-food chains, supermarkets and food issues
While they'll all make you laugh, the list serves as a reminder of how ridiculous some lawsuits have become. 
The business class on airlines is a unique class where it is between first class and economy class. It is still far less luxurious than first class, but it is still way better than economy class. In business class you at least have ...


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