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Thursday, July 16, 2020
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Court Judgement

In the current conditions a number of businesses are finding that they have been issued with a County Court Judgement commonly known as a CCJ. The purpose of this article is to explain what a County Court Judgement is, why they are issued and what the implications of receiving a County Court Judgement are.
If a county court judgement remains unpaid, this could lead to more serious action being taken against the business. We look at the impact and what you can do.
A court judgement is a problem for most credit borrowers because it has effect on credit score and can remain on credit file for several years. Here are few tips to help you remove it from credit report. A finance broker can help you in eliminating the troubles of court judgement as well as provide you with loan solutions.
A charging order is a way of securing a judgement debt of the court, by placing a charge over a judgement debtor's interest in land, or certain other assets. The court's power to make a charging order over a judgement debtor's property and assets is contained in the Charging Orders Act 1979.
Advice for dealing with a County Court Judgement (CCJ)Not responding to and ultimately not paying a CCJ can have very serious consequences for a business. If you find yourself in this position, it is possible that your business is insolvent and you should act swiftly to agree on and implement a business rescue plan.
Animals do organize and take part in beauty contest in nature.  The only difference in animal world is that only the male contest and try to get a favourable judgement from female animal.....
In a recent judgment dated 14th June 2016 the High Court of Bombay in a well-reasoned judgement held that the amended Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996 which came into effect on 23rd October 2015 is applicable in the enforcement proceedings of arbitral awards even for the arbitrations started before the above said cutoff date.
Many law firms in the Empire State use New York court reporters extensively to transcribe court proceedings and depositions. But surprisingly, many of the attorneys at these firms are unaware that this only scratches the surface of what a court reporter can do. Here is a look at ten facts about court reporters in New York.
A judgment is a court's decision on matters with respect to fact and law. In simple terms you ask the court to arrive at a decision on a dispute by filing a petition.  The petition is the legal document the tells the court why you think it should consider your appeal.
Winding Up Petition - Actions to takeMore recently, creditors have started to use winding up petitions specifically as debt collection tools. Rather than issuing a county court judgement which could then be ignored, creditors are choosing to issue the winding up petition because of the immediate pressure that this puts on the company to pay the outstanding debt. Due to the seriousness of the implications Company Directors should be clear what actions they can take.
Court reporting has changed over the years with the introduction of new technology.When in court and examining a witness, you may need to make reference to something that was said earlier.
Laboratory analysts must now appear in court and submit themselves to cross-examination if their reports are admitted into evidence, according to a brand new ruling by the United States Supreme Court.
The civil procedures law gives the lawyer the right in any litigation in Dubai or in any other emirate in the UAE to file at least two objections against any of the court judgments. The first objection should be to the appeal court and the second one could be to the Supreme Court.
Although most people believe that court reporters spend all their time in a court room, the bulk of their professional activity is much more likely to take place in a conference room at a law firm.  That’s because deposition services, and not in-trial proceedings is the leading reason why court reporters are in such constant demand.
      According to the Constitution, the function of the Supreme Court is to interpret the Constitution, not twist it to their wishes. And apply the meaning of the Constitution to court cases. They are not doing that in an impartial way, and don't even care what the people, who provide the power to the Constitution, want or feel.       Article III, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution explicitly states that a Supreme Court Justice that “lacks good behavior” can be impeached. Article III sets the terms of judges, of both the Supreme Court and lower courts: that they serve as long as they are on "good behavior".


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