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Friday, October 22, 2021
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Disaster Event

Disaster and Flood Management can have a huge impact on the recovery time required for your company to bounce back after a catastrophic event.  The weather is unpredictable to pinpoint on a day to day basis, but a disaster or flood striking your business in the future can be planned for.  The question is not if a disaster will strike, but when the disaster will strike.
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Disaster recovery is one of the most important factors for most businesses, yet it is often overlooked or considered too expensive to implement. Disaster recovery solutions enable a business to continue working in the event of fire, theft, malfunction or terrorism. By preparing for disaster recovery, your business will not lose any valuable data, configurations or time, saving you money in the long run.
Planning for a Disaster or Flood helps protect your company from the devastating effects of an event.  A prepared company has the framework established to start the recovery process faster and increase the ability to recover from a disaster or flood.  Disaster and Flood Management starts with a Certified Industrial Hygienist visiting your company to uncover the specific needs of the facility.
No company wants to think about the dangers of a fire or other disaster hitting their business. A disaster of any kind can ruin a business’ profits for a long time, or even cause them to go out of business.  Because of the serious nature of such an event, businesses frequently turn to colocation to safeguard their IT infrastructure.
Having the right server disaster recovery solution on hand can really make all the difference in the world for your IT operations as well as for your organization as a whole. This is, after all, the solution that your entire company will count on to restore operations in the event a major data loss event occurs, or even with the seemingly minor incidence of the deletion of a single file.
You can prepare your company to overcome a disaster or flood through careful planning.  The timing is uncertain for when an event might occur, but it is likely that your company will face such a challenge at some point.  When the disaster or flood strikes, the success of your company could be in jeopardy and the business may be force to permanently close its doors.  
Almost everyone in one way or another has experienced some sort of natural disaster. It may have been a tornado, hurricane, tsunami, earthquake, or any other form of a life threatening event created by nature.
Preparation can be the difference between catastrophe and a minor setback for an obstacle or event encountered.  The same is true with Disaster and Flood plan.  The plan can be a shift from months of ongoing repairs to a week of downtime.  The most important part of a Disaster and Flood Plan is the people that reinforce the plan and ensure everything is completed correctly.
Disaster and Flood Management can save your company valuable time during the recovery process by preparing for the setback in advance.  The exact timing of when a disaster will occur is not always know in advance, but knowing that the disaster will occur at some point will allow your company to be ready when the time comes.  Once the event has occurred, it can be a daunting task to begin the recovery process.  The situation requires swift and deliberate action to avoid unnecessary delays in recover.
Emergency services are available 24/7. Some contractors offer additional specialty services.When you are overwhelmed by the losses from a disaster, calling professionals can lessen the impact of a traumatic event on your life.
Risk is inherent to any business that is operating todays.  Events occur that could be a significant setback and difficult to overcome.  Disaster Management is an evaluation to determine how likely an event is to occur, what disasters are possible, and what to do if the disaster happens.  Flood Management focuses on floods, specifically; and determines what factors might need to occur for a flood and the steps to prevent the flood from ever occurring.
Navigating a company in the time of disaster or flood can be a difficult and challenging task.  Preparing for such an event can be the difference in closing your company doors for good, and a minor bump in the road.  The weather continues to be more volatile each year as hundred year storms are happening on a regular and consistent basis.  Now is the time to develop a Disaster and Flood Management plan for your company.
As a hub for multiple inbound and outbound communications for multiple clients, it is important that call centers have reliable backup protocols in the event any type of disaster occurrs that could potentially destroy communication lines.
If there were an emergency to happen today, would you be prepared to handle the situation? Would you know how to obtain a clean source of drinking water? Most people wouldn't. The following article contains the information you need to know, should you ever be in the position to require a fresh source of H2O in the event of a disaster.


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