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Monday, July 22, 2019
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Divine Order

It is not possible to reach an eternal happiness without becoming a mature human being. And becoming “a mature human being” is only possible with “a perfect faith”. And one of the conditions for a complete faith is to believe that everything that happens in this divine order happens according to a divine judgment and program. This divine schedule is called “Predestination” (Qadar) and happening of the each predestined event is called “Occurrence” (Qada). The divine program gives people the right to choose. In short, there is a choice for human beings between goodness and badness.
India due to its supreme greatness got the title of Jagadguru or Guru of the entire world. Super Power Gayatri is the mother of Indian Culture. The message of divine light and aura (Ojas-Tejas-Varchas) of a divine intellect bestowed by this Divine Culture would reach every home. In those times the stature of people’s thinking was so high that it was compared to Brahmaloka or the divine world.
Realize and appreciate every moment as perfect because your higher self has chosen everything and it is all happening in divine order and divine timing. You higher self sees the bigger picture and has decided on the best possible experience for you to have. You don’t have to worry that things are not going the way they were meant to go or regret that things are going in a different direction because of what you did...
Because we obey what we consider The Great Commission, and thereby excuse ourselves from obeying what we consider lesser commands we fail miserably at fulfilling the Great Commission because the “lesser commands” are part and parcel of fulfilling the Great Commission
Transmute youself into a divine being! It all begins within.
This means relying on the Divine Will, by ascribing the effects of whatever one does to Divine Providence.
Divination is all about finding out answers using some conduit or apparatus to channel divine wills.
The Indian way is to think of Man to be a divine being, and as Man is obviously not a divine being, to take it as an utter contrast and rather treat him as a useless insect.
Vedas means divine wisdom.  Divine wisdom is divided into 4 parts viz. Rig, Yaju, Saam and Atharva. Rig encompasses well-being, attaining God, performing one’s duty, love, austerities, compassion, helping others, generosity, service, vision of God, divinity, soul peace, divine creativity, sense of righteousness etc. 
Worldwide material energy can be seen in the form of electricity, magnetism, heat, light etc. Vibrations of energy influence atoms and thus various movements of the  visible world are executed. Cells too are influenced by divine electrical energy. The illumined portion of human consciousness can be called a vibration of divine existence.
Experience a story of divine intervention and how following your spiritual nudges can actually save the lives of the people you touch.
... from the book “Your Right to Be ... How to Halt the Train of Aging and Meet the Most ... You” by Tonya Zavasta. The book is ... at: ...
Divination or using the guidance of the divine or the higher spirits is an age old practice. Through the ages man has sought to know the will and mind of the divine through signs around her.
In the Kabbalah, the divine name of God in Hebrew written in four Hebrew characters YHVH, represents the concept of Midat HaRachamim ( God's Attributes of Mercy).
Divine Discontent is an inner urging that calls us forth to our next growth opportunity.


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