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Friday, March 22, 2019
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Environmental Impacts

On an individual basis when it comes to buying new printer equipment, everyone can do their bit toward environmental issues by taking time to learn a little more about the environmental impact of certain types of equipment. For example, when it comes to office or home printers, we can recognise that longevity and durability is not restricted to the body of the printer only.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has broad concerns about Florida’s phosphate industry and the hazardous waste they leave behind in the form of huge “gypstacks”. The EPA finds radiation in the form of gamma radiation from these dangerous waste dumps.
Environmental geologists study, review and investigate sites for any possible contamination as part of an individual's or a company's environmental due diligence.  Due diligence should always include an environmental site assessment done by a qualified environmental geologist or consultant.
Central Florida large scale landscape modifications such as phosphate strip mining are understood to cause severe environmental impacts by state and phosphate industry officials. Florida residents should contact their elected officials to voice concerns about industry’s poor environmental stewardship.
An environmental consultant helps industrial plants and facilities avoid citations with the EPA, OSHA, and in Oklahoma the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality or DEQ.  Having environmental audits performed regularly help determine what types of environmental permits might be needed to stay compliant with EPA regulations.
Environmental monitoring is vital to any pharmaceutical company to identify the correct environmental planning and policy for business. However, the benefits of environmental monitoring are not still clear, and it has been criticized in the past for being too expensive.
Sinkholes are known to occur inside phosphogypsum stacks due to the added weight created by the “stack”. The stacks are also radioactive creating environmental hazards in and around all phosphate facilities. The stacks hold billions of gallons of toxic radioactive waste and historically are susceptible to failing, creating severe environmental impacts to properties adjacent to mining facilities.
The different Bottled Water Brands available which offer products for companies and homes
We all know an Environmental Consultant is a necessary person to avoid costly citations with the EPA, but how often do you ask your consultant to perform an environmental audit on your facility?   Working for or owning a manufacturing company means that the facility probably needs a few environmental permits, and unless you like to read the EPA’s website on a regular basis then you probably aren’t too confident of which permits you might need.  That is why you should have regular environmental audits.
Environmental Permits issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are used to regulate the amount of pollutants that can be released into the surrounding environment.  Environmental Permits typically involve surrounding bodies of water, soil, and air emissions.  
ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE: Our modern preservatives and other pollutants like yellow dye no. 5 have caused bodily responses which detract or impair the natural process of our system. It is a serious issue that science may argue about while we all suffer major impacts. One of the hardest things to measure or gauge is the impact on the soul and brain through hormonal and thalami responses which we touched upon in the Third Eye/Thalami research. Some competent doctors claim a correlation with mental illnesses as the histamines generated to respond to foreign agents cause inflammations in body tissues. Does this chemical interplay between the body and the environment affect all of our 'temple' in the physical body? We think it does and we are concerned about genetic transference and mutational activity as well.
Which comes first? Environmental  awareness or environmental action? The answer may surprise you. 
Many manufacturing companies produce emissions during the production process.  The Environmental Protection Agency requires companies to have an Environmental Permit to release the emissions into the atmosphere.  An Environmental Consultant can work with your company through the application process and the ongoing requirements after the permit is obtained.
Today's fervor for environmental preservation has also hit the medical industry with the newest emerging field called environmental endocrinology. Doctors are now learning how environmental endocrinology'the effect of daily stressors like light, food and crowding on multiple endocrine systems'controls the rate of aging and the quality of life, and is converging to become what we call menopause medicine.
The environmental protection sector in China has developed rapidly due to ongoing capital investment and increasing public and government concerns on environmental pollution.


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