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Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Fear Into

Fear is ever-present and an inescapable part of being human. Where there is a dream, there is fear. Where there is change, there is fear. Along with new opportunities, come fear. Yet somehow, fear has been vilified. We have come to think of fear is inherently bad—something to avoid or eliminate. But the truth is fear plays an important and meaningful role in our growth and development.
We all have fears that stop us in business: fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of humiliation, fear of criticism, fear of the unknown, you get the idea.
What are we afraid of? What is fear? What can we do about it? We all have fears at one time or another and to one degree or another. I did a little research of my own and found that next to terrorist, fear of public speaking and fear of success ranked high on the list of things people fear most.
The fear of success is often the culmination of other fears. For example, as a whole, the fear may be derived from a fear of letting someone down in their faith of you – a coach, parent, or teacher, for example. However, fear of success is not a fear that can fit in one generalization, as success can mean many different things.
10 ways to reduce fear.> > Fear often ... with our ability to live more ... lives. Fear is the critical voice in our head saying: "You'll never succeed, so why try?". Fear makes us liste
The biggest thing stopping people from going to the dentist is fear. Fear of needles. Fear of drills. Fear of pain. What are you doing to alleviate that fear? Just do something to make patients more comfortable and they will be sure to tell others of their experience.
Have you ever been stopped in your marketing tracks because of fear of rejection? The fear of reaching out to people, fear of failure, fear of success or fear of not doing something right? I think it's innate for many of us. Problem is, it holds us back from doing what it takes to get clients. Well, it's got to STOP. Find out exactly what I've used to get past some of my own fears & get out there in a big way, all in this article
A phobia is an uncontrollable and irrational fear of an object or a situation, such as a fear of flying, or heights, or insects, a social phobia (fear of meeting people, of going to school), claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces), or agoraphobia (fear of going outside, of being away from the security of the home, or of being alone).
Fear scares people. That’s what it’s supposed to do; it’s just a matter of how much and how often do we really need to be scared? ... there are two kinds of fear. Real fear allows you to save y
The biggest problem I had in “Getting Started” on making my idea into a practical business reality was my own fear. Whether it was fear of the unknown, fear of failure, or some other unknown fear I possessed, it was keeping me from reaching my potential. What I learned through experience, and to quote FDR, “The only thing to fear in starting your business, is your own fear itself”.
Fear is to be afraid or apprehensive. Fear can be real or imagined. Fear can be good or dangerous!
Do you know just how devastating fear is to your ability to attract what you want? Fear is the difference between the man who becomes a millionaire and the one who remains poor. It has nothing to do with education or skill. Would you like to learn the truth about fear?
Why We Fear Death "Men fear death as children fear to go in the dark." - Bacon There may be a thousand reasons why we fear death, but most of all we fear death because we fear the unknown, and death
Are you stuck in fear? Don't know how to let go of fear? Has fear got you trapped?
Fear causes some to play ostrich and hide their heads to avoid what's in front of them. Fear acts as a catalyst to others, and propels them into action. Fear causes a third set to be totally immobilized and unable to do anything at all. It is possible to Kick your fears to the curb an start living your life your way on your own terms.


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