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Monday, June 24, 2019
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Fossil Fuel-based

Will we run out of fossil fuels?Yes and no. There are two forces at work in the fossil fuel market: supply and demand...
Fossil fuels have been exploited for use in energy production for around 5000 years. In the grand scheme of the planetís existence, this is a very short time Ė about .00012% of our planetís timeline. In this time, we have almost completely drained its fossil fuel resources.†
Learn the facts about Oil and How it is NOT a Fossil Fuel it is Abiotic - This amazing article separates the truth from fantasy
Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, produces the fewest emissions, and costs much less than petroleum fuels. T. Boone Pickens wants the US to use this fuel in cars, trucks, and buses. He also seeks to install more windmills across the US and begin the conversion of fossil fuel powered electricity generation to renewable fuels. Does T. Boone Pickens just want to make a buck or does he try to wake up this country?
Global warming can be halted only by stopping all fossil fuel combustion. Electric power and liquid fuels must be produced by converting renewable energies. Technologies based on solar energy, wind power, marine power, and geothermal heat will eventually produce energy at affordable costs. Nuclear heat will become a major contributor. Processes for replacing petroleum with substitutes from biomass can be developed.
Learn how the hospitality industry impacts global warming by encouraging people to burn fossil fuels and see what you can do to help reduce your carbon footprint during your vacations.
Fossil fuels are not going to last forever. Our fossil fuel resources are quickly diminishing. The world's oil supply is estimated to run dry in less than 50 years and natural gas may last only 20 years more than that....
Going "green" through solar water heating systems is a great way to save money and reduce our fossil fuel dependence.
Fuel injection systems are a way of delivering fuel to diesel and gasoline based combustion engines. This technique of fuel delivery has become the standard in modern vehicles and is the primary way that fuel is directed to the engine.
Tasmania is not just enjoyed by it's beaches and historical attractions. You may also do a little geological trekking and fossil hunting in Fossil Bluff based in Tasmania.
By Anthony Ricigliano - Author Anthony Ricigliano: Hydrogen has long been thought to have the potential to replace fossil fuels and ultimately eliminate carbon based emissions completely. With water as its only post-combustion byproduct, hydrogen could deliver an ideal solution to the problem of greenhouse gas emissions as a plentiful, environmentally friendly, and zero carbon emission fuel.
For decades now since the advent of modern transportations which require the use of fossil fuels, people have sought ways to diminish the adverse environmental effects of such fuels.
Solar energy is one of the best solutions we have at replacing the fossil fuel energy. Fossil fuels have started to diminish for some time now and the global reserves are slimmer and slimmer. This is the bad news.
The challenges facing the citizens who want to take action on global warming a lot. First of all, there is a fossil fuel industry, which is the most profitable enterprise in human history. Problems with the dovetail of the industry because of its money to achieve their political goals, and the fact that oil and coal is relatively cheap sources of energy.
Even though most of us are familiar with the limited availability of fossil fuels, and how harmful they are for the planet health, it seems we havenít reduced our consumption of fossil fuels in all these years.


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