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Saturday, June 15, 2019
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Four Attributes

Allah (swt) corrected all the wrong information and comments about Him with the last book. He is unique in power and strength. He is the One who is free from all imperfections and defects. Allah (swt) bestowed some of His attributes to human and other creatures partially in order to make them know Himself better. But some of the attributes of Him does not exist in any known or unknown, visible or invisible creatures. These are Personal Attributes of Allah (swt). Believing that the other creatures have these attributes or qualifying created things with these attributes are unbelief.
The market has a lot of negative attributes, but there are some often good attributes that are overlooked.  This article discusses some of the good attributes.
Guys have two attributes that can determine how they respond to other people and when those are ignored they feel there is no reason to stick around..  Those two attributes are: respect and admiration.
We must believe in Allah with His whole attributes. He exists. His existence is absolute.  His existence never changes. He is the one. He has no partners in His existence, attributes and performances. His existence is forever and eternal. He is the real owner of everything. He needs nothing! But everything is in need of His favors. He has the power over everything. He sees, hears and speaks. He creates, organizes and manages everything as He wishes. He has infinite knowledge. Trillions of events that took place in the visible and invisible realms always takes place under His information.
The personal attributes of Allah must never be harmed because these attributes do not exist in any other living or non-living creatures. These are Wujud (existence), Qidam and Baqa (Eternal existence in the past and future),  Wahdaniyyah (Oneness), Qiyam bi nafseehee (He is self-existent) and Mukhalafatun lil hawadith (He never resemble the things He created). Being harmed these attributes of Allah causes to fall into unbelief. The belief of oneness of Allah (swt), constitutes the basic of Islam. The violation of this basic belief is called "shirk". Shirk is the biggest sin.
The secret to success is that there really is no secret if you want to become successful it is actually more of a 'choice' than a secret.For ages people have search for 'hidden codes' or 'silver bullets' that would catapult them to great success but efforts like these were futile.Read further to see the 3 attributes you need to become successful and how most people actually possess these attributes in abundance.
Diversity encases many more attributes than gender and skin tone, and a celebration and/or honoring of those differences. Many attributes are used to sort people out, to place them in categories, often with ideas of better or lesser.
Piano moving is not easy. These luxurious musical instruments are often too heavy. Not to mention, they have very delicate parts and unusual shapes to go with them. Because of these three specific attributes, you've got lots of potential difficulties that you could face. 
To become a blogger and do so successfully depends more upon personal attributes than any talent you may bring to the table!Read further to discover 5 attributes you'll need to develop a blogging platform for people to enjoy reading the content you offer!
Explains the attributes of salvation like, justification, redemption, sanctification, glorification, etc. showing the importance of each in the salvation process.
Courage. Conviction. Wisdom. Clarity. Credibility. Five attributes that are essential, regardless of whether you are speaking in front of hundreds of people, writing a report to your boss, or running a PTA board meeting. Five attributes that build the foundation of someone who gets his or her point across effectively.
This article discusses a few attributes that the top online home business programs offer, thereby giving you an idea of what you need to pay attention to before joining.
Computer desks is the latest in the evolution of the history of the desk. Here are 4 attributes that are desireable in any effective computer work surface.
An MBA person needs to possess some essentail qualities in order to be a successful Person. These qualities Include Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Analytical Attributes, Spiritual and Moral and Interpersonal and Customer Relation Attributes.
The lure of Aussie men is hard to resist. Australia males have a very friendly attitude towards people and are eager to please. These attributes, in addition to many more, contribute to the popularity of the male models in this country.


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