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Sunday, December 15, 2019
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Glass Pieces

Looking for something new in your mosaic art?  Here’s a fresh idea.  Make mosaics using large stained-glass pieces as if making a stained-glass window, instead of using small pieces cut to the stale, standard shapes of squares, rectangles, and triangles.
The first glass chess pieces were made in the ninth century in what was then known as the Islamic Empire.  The first glass chess pieces in their modern forms were made in Italy in the 19th centur...
When normal glass breaks, it often shatters into dangerous splinters and shards. The broken glass can easily cut, maim, or even kill a human being. Laminated glass is the solution for the windshield of your vehicle. Although it may shatter, the many small pieces of the windshield we be relatively harmless.
Artel Crystal Glass is at least 24 percent lead, and therefore reflects more light than does glass. Although Artel glass and crystal enjoy a healthy export trade and can be purchased in the United States - one brand is called such pieces are likely to cost 60 percent more in this country.  
Whenever you drop a glass or a plate, it shatters into pieces. There they lie, all jagged and in ... shapes and sizes. There are even some pieces that are so small that they could never be glued
Wire Glass is a glass window that has wire mesh embedded in it. These windows will break just as easily as traditional windows but the mesh will keep the majority of pieces in place, and makes it much harder to find an opening.
One of the growing popular lines of jewelry in today’s market is the Roman Glass jewelry. The combination of this extraordinary glass with gold and silver pieces adds colorfulness and authenticity to the jewel.
Are you shopping around for a gift for a friend or loved one but not quite sure what to get them, because just maybe they have it all? Here’s a great idea for gifts – spun glass figurines. These miniature figurines make beautiful pieces of art and come in all shapes, sizes and colors. You can find something for everyone so based on what you know about your friend or relative you can choose a glass figurine accordingly.
Tempered glass, used primarily in cars and buildings, is up to six times stronger than regular glass. Tempered glass is reduced to small pebbles of glass when broken, which is much safer than the breaking pattern of regular glass and which gave tempered glass it’s more popular name - Safety Glass.
Glass beads are jewelry components that have been with us for hundreds of years and still are very popular.  These are beautiful artwork pieces that are great choices for crafting projects, whether by an expert or a beginner in beading.
The glass supplier can repair or replace your glass. When you have made your choice and identified your exact glass needs, the glass supplier will be able to cut your chosen glass to the size or shape that you desire.
Cleaning broken glass could be dangerous. Find out how to do it safely in this article.
Glass is something that comes in different types and shape and it is one of the most common fixtures of every single home. In fact, if someone says that there isn’t any glass product in his home, then this thing is very hard to believe. In your home, you can see glass tables, glass windows, glass doors and many other things like that.
Arlington Glass specializes in tempered glass installation and replacements. We are a glass company that you can hire any of your glass work requirements in Arlington, VA, with quality assurance. Our service rates are also very economical.
Glass beads have a lot of uses when it comes to craft projects. Use them to decorate your home, as accents to your clothing, or to create some beautiful and unique pieces for your own wear and to give to people close to your heart. You can mix them with plastic beads, if you like. The two are difficult to distinguish, anyway, but choose the project where you will decide to do this.


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