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Monday, April 22, 2019
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Hack Invention

USB flash drive was invented by Trek Corporation in early 2000. It was invented when flash drive (a Toshiba’s invention) and USB drive (An Intel invention) merged. Like any other technological invention, it has passed through several grooming stages.
The kind of Statutory Invention Registration information that is found in the kit
Invention Prototyping Process and the process of Invention Prototypes and the process of Invention Prototyping
There is an old saying that says "necessity is the mother of invention'' and this continues to be true with every new machine, structure, system, or device that is the designed as a result of this need.
The invention of the tin can was a revolution in food preservation and it was in fact a British person Peter Durand who first came up with the idea around 1800s.
The Modern Technology gained many achievements and progress from the time it has been evolved like invention of Personal Computer, the list of greatest inventions in history is incomplete if it does not include Personal Computers. The Invention of mobile is also one such Greatest Achievements to modern Technology.  
Science made the technology growing day by day. It contributes in every steps of our daily life. Once it introduce a new invention, it upgrades more frequently and implement randomly. No doubt, every new invention make our life becomes so easy, but the question is if all those new upgrades are really helpful to use the new invention. There are some merits and demerits of such upgrade. This article discuss about the new inventions of latest technology and the benefits and drawbacks of their constant upgrades.
The internet has come as a boon for the youth generation of today. If you were to ask anyone about the greatest invention in recent times, a few decades or so, then their prompt answer would definitely be the invention of the World Wide Web.
The computer - this twentieth-century invention is considered as the most important invention that is the science and technology made so far, which have changed the basic approaches of various sectors
Expert Advice explaining the benefits and limitations of prototyping an idea or invention.
This article discusses the invention of the telephone. It also talks about its inventor, Alexander Graham Bell.
The invention of the dishwasher was a first sign that problems with washing dishes is finally over.
It is officially the age of the internet. The invention of the internet can very well be termed as the single best invention of the millennium as it has brought about humongous changes in the way we live. You can now do things that were unimaginable for the previous generation.
After the invention of the wheelchairs the lives of the handicapped have become better. Wheelchairs offer mobility to the person who is not physically fit and are restricted to their one position only unless someone helps them to move. Wheelchairs are of two types that are manual or electric.


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