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Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Interpersonal Communication

There are many trainers out there offering programs for those, like you, looking to strengthen their interpersonal communication skills in an effort to win boardroom battles, haggle over the price of furniture, or simply to win friends and influence people. Read on for a short breakdown of what to look for in finding an interpersonal communication skills trainer.
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The 21st century seems one poised to be the communication century. Here are 10 effective ways to build your interpersonal communication skills and keep your relationships strong.
Communicating with people, though outwardly may seem an easy task, is actually an incredibly nuanced and difficult thing when you examine the nuts and bolts of all of the moving parts that happen beneath the surface of interpersonal interaction. In this article are nine quick tips to improving your interpersonal communications skills that will get you in the game right away.
Today we're flooded with communication devices and yet we rarely connect with each other. the secret is to learn how to communicate with one another so that your point gets across and the other person feels heard.
We've all been there, trying to give a presentation not well received, and nothing you do seems to turn the tide in your favor. Maybe you're too shy, or nervous, or closed off when you are trying to communicate, but whatever the cause, you need to rectify it fast or risk losing respect, your job, or your employer's confidence. This article will give you a few ways to effectively improve your interpersonal communications skills.
A New Generation of Websites.
Ironically, when we think about or describe two people talking with each other, the focus is on two persons interacting.   The view is a behavioural one, focused on human activities, not on the medium of communication or on the literal messages produced.    Perhaps this is because no machinery – no invented technology – is interposed between the two people involved in interpersonal communication.
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Our communication with others usually starts with our thoughts, resulting in words, tonality and body language. There are many ways to define "thoughts", and one of them is how we use our senses internally. All of us use some senses more often, and these are usually our dominant ones. Understanding a person's dominant senses, or representational systems as known in NLP, will allow us to effectively communicate our messages by speaking in a manner that will be well received by that person.
A career in photography may seem exciting. You need to have passion and determination along with photography, communication, marketing, and interpersonal skills to survive in the industry.  
Look at the job postings in the paper or at one of the online career search sites.  What is the ONE skill required of almost every job? What is the one skill that will make a marriage great?
Every relationship begins with you. Each relationship has challenges. How do you manage your relationships?
I was recently reading a study that found that close to 95% of people are unskilled, unpracticed or amateurs in the art of interpersonal communication. That shocked me. In essence, this study is saying that 95% of people “talk trash.” Here’s how to stay (or move into) the top 5%.
The Enneagram is a dynamic personality profiling system that allows us to dramatically improve the way we communicate with others. When you are able to understand the personality type of another person, you know the motivation for their behaviours and find it easier to understand and accept them. In addition, you'll know what works for them, and you can phrase your words accordingly.


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