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Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Maternity Acupressure

When a woman goes past her due date waiting for the baby can seem like an eternity and it is only natural to look for ways to bring on labor. Acupressure is fast growing in popularity because there are certain risks associated with a medical induction and acupressure works naturally with the body and the mind.
Childbirth causes anxiety and fear for labor and delivery. This tension can make normal labor and delivery take longer. Maternity Acupressure is a natural childbirth technique used to relax the body. These methods, which can be done by the mother or partner, may shorten the labor and delivery while relieving tension.
Pregnancy acupressure is a gentle process that teaches mom how to naturally induce labor, resulting in an easier, safer, and shorter birth.  With prolonged labor and Cesarean sections on the rise, more and more pregnant moms are turning to maternity acupressure to reduce labor symptoms, induce contractions, and help the baby descend toward the birth canal.
"Quality acupressure practitioners have received minimum training in the fundamentals of acupressure, anatomy and physiology, and the application of the therapy itself.  In most basic acupressure certification programs, candidates have gained hands-on instruction in the forms of acupressure, including Shiatsu and Jin Shin."
At an acupressure institute, students will be introduced to a variety of courses including studies in anatomy and physiology, acupressure point methods, styles of acupressure, and clinical applications.
"In an acupressure certification program, students gain in-depth education on the history and philosophies of acupressure, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and the similarities between acupuncture and acupressure. In addition to hands-on training in the therapy itself..."
When pregnancy is past the 40 week due date, you may be looking at how to start labor naturally. Medical induction or acupuncture are common suggestions. However, Acupressure is a more comfortable choice. Maternity Acupressure can naturally start labor and does not come with the negative side effects or needles. It is no surprise it is gaining popularity to naturally start labor.
Acupressure is thought to be one of the oldest healing traditions in the world, predating even acupuncture.
"Some of the better ways to explore your personal and professional potential is to not only pursue acupressure training, but to actually schedule an appointment for an acupressure therapy session.."
Natural methods to induce labor at home vary from medicinal herbs to exercise and sexual intercourse. One of the most convenient, efficient and safest ways to naturally start your labor and encourage your baby to be born is to treat sensitive pressure points on your skin called the acupressure points. Maternity Acupressure is a simple method that you can easily use at home to naturally bring on your labor.
Childbirth... often a source of anxiety and stress for women coming up on their due date.  But what if there were a way to relieve labor pain, increase dilation, and create a faster and safer birthing process?  Learning how to do maternity acupressure to induce labor has all of the above benefits, as well as also being proven to decrease chances of medical intervention or C-section.  Here's how you and your partner can use pregnancy massage therapy to ensure a much better experience in the delivery room.
"Both the novice and professional massage therapist gain a wealth of knowledge and skills from acupressure training because it offers yet another method of unique and ancient, natural healing. In most cases, acupressure training begins with foundational instruction in the various forms of acupressure; including hands-on training in Shiatsu, Jin Shin and reflexology."
Labor acupressure is a natural way to bring on labor and delivery. It's safe for the mother and the baby because no pharmaceuticals are being introduced into the body. Additionally acupressure manages labor pains, without the fear that the labor would slow down. Mothers who have used acupressure during childbirth have been incredibly satisfied with this natural method.
"Acupressure finds its origins in Asia and is an ancient healing therapy that has been used for over 5,000 years. Acupressure is a unique form of bodywork that facilitates finger pressure on key locations of the skin's surface to support natural and self-healing..." 
"For the practicing massage therapist, enrolling in programs in acupressure can help to expand general client services; and for the entrepreneur, completing one of many acupressure courses can be beneficial in propelling a healing arts career to a whole new level."


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