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Friday, November 22, 2019
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More Clients

Are you suffering from "disappearing clients" syndrome? Chances are that you're frustrated because your clients seem to lack commitment, and you constantly have to replace clients. Your clients start missing appointments after a few weeks or months, only to drop out altogether, usually far short of their goal. 
Do you struggle to get clients? Does it feel like an uphill battle? What if you could PULL clients to you instead of chasing after them? Discover 5 ways to PULL new clients to you and grow your business in the process.
There's always been a question in my intake packet for private clients titled, "What is holding you back or slowing your progress?", as it relates to attracting the clients they need. Having worked with many hundreds of clients over the years, I've seen it ALL. Many question their ability to bring VALUE into the marketplace and this costs them lots of potential clients. See how, and what to do about it, in this article.
You put effort in to getting clients and you want to keep them. Loyal and happy clients rave about the work you do. They are a great source of referrals and testimonials. Discover 14 ways to satisfy your clients by exceeding their expectations.
PULLING clients in is not only more FUN than pushing hard, it's MUCH easier. Who wouldn't rather have clients call THEM rather than pounding the pavement? Problem is, very few solo-entrepreneurs actually do anything about PULLING clients in. Most just wait for clients to come to them, with little strategy involved. For me, it's all about the Irresistible F.R.E.E. Offer and this article will walk you through how to create one
Today we’re going to talk about how to always have clients: not just clients once in awhile, but to always have clients consistently.
Becoming an expert will help you get more clients because clients want to work with experts. Experts are more valuable. Experts are in demand. Discover how becoming a specialist will make getting clients take MUCH less effort and what to do in order to position yourself as a specialist.
Are you struggling to get more clients booked? You’re certainly not alone. In fact, according to a recent survey, the biggest challenge for many of you was the question “How do I get more clients?” In today’s article I share 5 things you MUST do in order to get more clients booked. Are you doing these on a daily basis?
I’m known in the marketplace as someone who takes a no-nonsense, no-excuses approach to marketing and getting clients, meaning, I do what it takes, and create systems for everything so that I’m always marketing. (By the way, my clients now do the same.) In turn, I always have a full roster of clients.
Why exactly do clients buy from you? What is the full value of your product/service to your clients? Learn why these are a must know for you to bring in continual waves of new clients.
Usually we talk to you about attracting and signing on new clients: that’s what everyone wants right–new, ideal, high-paying clients, continually filling your pipeline.
You don't need to chase clients; you can attract them to you by narrowing your focus and defining your niche. Share your expert knowledge and clients will come.
Have you ever encountered bad clients while working as a virtual assistant? If not, LUCKY YOU! But along the way, you will surely encounter these types of clients and you need to know each type to be able to deal with them the right way.
Do you really know how your clients feel about you or are you just assuming you are on the right track? Soliciting feedback can greatly assist in ensuring strong, positive relationships between you and your clients and this translates to a better bottom line.
By focusing on bad customers, business owners lose the opportunity to use those resources going after and servicing the phenomenal clients they want and need to make money...


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