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Thursday, June 20, 2019
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More Responsibility

One of the most difficult tasks, especially when parenting teenagers, is to teach your children to take responsibility for their actions. However, an understanding of the mechanics of learning responsibility from the child's perspective will go a long way towards making this job easier.
Responsibility means being accountable for what we think, say, and do. Personal responsibility involves working on our own character and skill development rather than blaming others for situations and circumstances. It means choosing to design a life that honors our values and purpose.
The only way to overcome our circumstances and take charge of our lives is to accept full responsibility for them. But we shouldn't spend all our time blaming ourselves for our problems. When we accept responsibility we actually regain control of our lives and can begin to change them.
Today’s topic is about taking personal responsibility for the results that you’re experiencing in your business: one of the things I believe makes or breaks someone’s chances for success in business is that of personal responsibility.
Taking responsibility comes with big benefits. Assess your situation and then take steps to change what doesn’t contribute to your personal success. When you take responsibility, you experience the accomplishment of your personal success goals at a much higher level than if you take credit for only your successes and blame someone else for the rest.
Once of the most challenging aspects of any spiritual path is that it asks us to take responsibility and to become accountable for our lives.
Considering the idea of how individual responsibility shapes one's life.
It is everyone's responsibility to keep their pets safe.  There may be plenty of things around your home that can be dangerous for your pet, especially things that can be ingested and poisonous.
The ability to make a difference starts with accepting absolute responsibility for your own behaviors. Find out more...
In recent years the principle of corporate responsibility has taken over the world. Transnational companies with multi-billion assets recognize their responsibility in conducting fair and community-oriented business.
At present, people have started to focus on social & environmental issues, direct cost of natural resources, stringent regulations and much more. The concept of corporate Social Responsibility in India plays an important role in the business sector that is spread across the globe. There are number of multinational companies that have implemented the social responsibility in their business structure and striving hard for the success.
Parent's responsibility in raising children is truly huge and great. A part of this responsibility is seeing the children grow properly.
Business owners and operators have a lot of responsibilities to balance--responsibility to family, employees, clients, creditors, and more. If you're the one in this position, you may find it challenging at times to keep up with it all, and undoubtedly you take your responsibility seriously
I believe that communication is so important when you are in a relationship with a client. It's 100% my responsibility and 100% your responsibility when we work together to speak up, be clear and be honest when things are not going the way we expect.  And I believe that if you are paying the big bucks to get coaching, the service has to be outstanding in my book.  You have to be so overjoyed that you would tell all your colleagues and friends!
Let's start with first things first. I submit that we, the sender of the message, must take responsibility for clear communication. We are in the place of choice. We choose the words, the medium, often even the timing of our communication. When I take responsibility for communicating clearly, I relieve you of the burden of interpretation.


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