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Friday, December 6, 2019
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Parker Fastback

At a recent meeting for Powis Parker Fastback dealers, Kevin Parker (one of the founders of Powis Parker) introduced the new P-21x Foilfast printer. The Fastback Foilfast printer works like a standard ink-jet or laser printer and allows users to produce beautiful foil printed covers in less than two minutes per sheet. Here are some of the new features included in the updated P-21x Foilfast Printer.
In late 2006 Powis Parker Inc. released the new Fastback CP Binding Strip. The CP strip is designed as a solution for binding difficult to bind papers with the Fastback 15xs Binding Machine. The new Powis Parker Fastback CP strip has a strip of center glue that is formulated for extremely aggressive adhesion. The Fastback CP strip works well with split sheets and coated paper but also creates a strong bind with smooth paper without using the Powis Edge splitter which is part of their high end photobook production cell.
There are few, if any, more polished and professional looking documents than those created with Powis Parker's Fastback System. Of all of Parker's, machines, the most commonly used Fastback machine on the market is the FB15xs. Here is a short guide in the use of the FB15xs.
Most owners of Powis Parker Fastback binding machines know that they can use their equipment to do tape binding. This article talks about a different type of Fastback binding. It involves using a special pre-formed cover that you can ink jet print and that wraps around the spine of your book.
If you are looking for a simple-to-use, but highly effective scoring machine, you need not look any further than the Powis Parker Fastback. The Fastback is the perfect tool to put a crease in a cover for folding short-run projects, or for perfect binding in larger runs. The Fastback works great for any small to mid-sized projects that need a professional fold and attractive look.
There are many different binding methods available today, from the humble three-ring binder to plastic comb binding to binding with color coils and wire. One method that's sometimes overlooked is the Fastback binding method from Powis Parker. The Fastback is an innovative system with some great features and it definitely has some advantages over the tried-and-true binding methods.Here are some of the great things Fastback can do and why this machine blows other binding methods out of the water.
If you have a Powis Parker Fastback binding machine or are considering buying one you may have questions.This article is not designed to answer questions about any particular machine but instead offers answers concerning the entire line of Fastback binding equipment.
The Powis Parker Fastback model 9 binding machine is one of the easiest to use binding systems available on the market.  This article is designed to provide simple step by step instructions for binding documents using Fastback LX binding strips. These instructions will work with the Fastback model 8, 8x or model 9.
Powis Parker's Fastback 8x Tape Binding Machine is a thermal binding system that creates what are known as perfect bound books, the like of which you might find on bookstore or library shelves. It uses an adhesive tape binding method and can be used to create documents up to twelve inches in length. Here we'll take a look at what we consider some of the strengths and weaknesses of the Fastback 8x.
One of the great things about the Fastback binding system is that you can use it to create high quality hardcover documents and photo books. This article will provide instructions for hardcover binding using your Fastback system and the Powis Parker hardcover Guide (HCG2).
The Powis Parker Fastback scoring machine is designed to precisely add scores to most cover materials.Now you can make professional-looking bound books with pre-printed wraparound soft covers on your own desktop.
Powis Parker Fastback recently announced that they were introducing a brand new product to the binding world. They call this new product the "Image Strip" and it is designed for use with the Fastback model 9 binding machine. This new strip wraps around the spine of a document and boldly displays your customized graphics while still allowing you to use covers that are produced on demand with the name of your customer or the title of your report.
Ever since the Fastback line of binding equipment was first released, Librarians, Publishers and Authors have been singing the praise of Powis Parker.However, the question remains... Why are librarians, Publishers and Authors so excited about Fastback binding systems?
This past week Powis Parker Inc announced that it is releasing new and improved Foilfast Titlesheets for use with its P21x Foilfast printer. Fastback Foilfast Titlesheets are designed are designed to adhere and match Fastback Hardcovers allowing users to print custom foil graphics for yearbooks, hard cover presentations, photobooks and more.Here is a quick overview of the Foilfast Titlesheets.
If you have ever tried to use your Fastback Foilfast P21 printer to print a photograph you probably noticed that it doesn't look very good. A photograph of a face will end up printing almost entirely in Silver (not exactly the effect you were probably looking for). However, at a recent Powis Parker Fastback Dealer meeting a representative from Fastback showed me how to print photographic images using the Fastback Foilfast printer and Adobe Photoshop


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