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Thursday, January 17, 2019
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Pulling Permits

This article discusses the importance of pulling permits before starting out on a home addition building project.
The largest category of Environmental Permits is Operating Permits to release particulates into the air.  The Clean Air Act sets levels and thresholds of the composition of air being released to the atmosphere.  A skilled Environmental Consultant can help your company with obtaining the appropriate permits to operate on a day to day basis.
The proper Environmental Permits must be obtained prior to being able to release emissions into the air, water, or soil.  Environmental Permits can be acquired through the Local, State, or Federal government depending on the amount and type of emissions.  An Environmental Consultant can work with your company to ensure the proper permits are applied for and the ongoing requirements for the permits are being maintained.
Environmental Laws require you obtain an Environmental Permit when disposing of hazardous waste, emitting or discharging a pollutant in the water or air, or operate in certain regulated activities.  The permit can be issued by local, state, or the federal government, however the permits are typically issued by state government.  There are many different types of Environmental Permits, but some of the most common are wetlands, endangered species, clean air permits, RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) permits.  Permits can also very widely based on the state in which you are working. 
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Environmental Permits issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are used to regulate the amount of pollutants that can be released into the surrounding environment.  Environmental Permits typically involve surrounding bodies of water, soil, and air emissions.  
Many projects taken on by companies require Environmental Permits to be obtained prior to actual the work starting.  Timelines can vary drastically based on the scope of the project and getting work started is essential to meeting deadlines.  The deadline doomed from the beginning if the proper permits are not obtained to allow the remaining work to begin.
Probably the most intimidating part of building your own house is the permit process. Not only do the the requirements vary from township to township, but at times the decisions made seem so subjective that we find ourselves seething in frustration. However, permits and inspections are a necessary step, and they are in place predominately for your protection. Ask any earthquake victim in Iran. Because I am concerned here with new construction, I won't go into the permits required for renovation; that's another story.
Many projects involve obtaining the proper environmental permits prior to starting a particular project or operation.  The type of permit needed can vary based on the work that is being conducted.  An Environmental Consultant can be your company’s guide through the permitting process and ensure the proper permits are obtained in a timely manner.
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Many different manufacturing companies have some form of air emissions during the production process.  It is important to obtain the proper permits prior to starting production to ensure compliance with EPA guidelines.  Air emission permits are the most applied for environmental permit by far.  An Environmental Consultant can work with your company to ensure each step is completed correctly and in a timely manner.  
Many jobsites that are constructing new buildings, renovating older buildings, or manufacturing new materials on an everyday basis require obtaining the proper Environmental Permits first.  An Environmental Consultant can help guide your company through the process and obtain the proper permits the first time, to ensure the rest of the process starts in a timely manner.  
The United States Environmental Protection Agency requires operating permits to protect the environment and other citizens from harmful toxins that could be released into the surrounding environment.  Pollutants could be released into the surrounding soil, water, and air.  The EPA requires operating permits for the different types of emissions and chemicals a company might have.


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