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Sunday, January 19, 2020
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Real Life

Real life resides only in GOD, animating all the things you see. GOD's unseen power propels the whole of creation into movement. Man makes an error by equating real life with the tangible things he's able to see physically. Well, he does so out of his inability to perceive the true life which exists in the spiritual realm.
People are increasingly resorting to the virtual world to take their minds off the "not too bad" lives that they think they have in the so-called "real world". What is really strange about this is that years of published research and thousands of self-help books explain that your current life is a creation of your own thinking and, by the same token, the life you really want can be created by you changing your mind. Really! In the real world!
Networking is helping and being helped, either online or in real life. And, it can pay dividends if you know your goal and spend a little time getting prepared. I find there is no better place than online to get help in preparing to meet my real life goals.
The reason for this article is to discuss real estate law. Specifically, how to determine if you are subject to real estate law as a result of changes in your life will be summarized.
In your everyday life you might have listened about the real estate. Real estate is all about the selling and purchasing and even the lending of the lands, houses and properties. Now there are many people who are often interested in the investment stages of the real estate but they eventually turn off their minds as they are not much aware from the advantages of the real estate.
How easy it is to get "seduced" by all the gloom/doom slices of life the media feeds you each day. It's as if they want you to think THAT'S the "only" thing important, and/or the only thing "real". Well, the truth is that what's real for YOU is what YOU mentally dwell upon, and BELIEVE is real. And so, here are some powerful Message Of Life quotes, each designed to uplift, inspire,and enrich your mind-set with the GOOD that also exists!
What is Real or True in Life?By Clive TaylorIt is ... that that there are two main ... to life.One ... is to accept all the Truths of life as true, as being ... actually rea
“In a world where you can be anything… be yourself!” “He /she makes me want to be the best person I can,” is music to my ears when I am working with people in the dating game. In this day and age life can be challenging and couples need to be real partners to succeed in life.So before you start dating get yourself prepared! 
In real life our brain creates a sense of depth and gives depth perception and a real life image.3D images with the aid of a 3D glass fools the brain into thinking that it sees a real image when in fact it does not.
Like far too many people I lived in and was raised by a family who believed the bottle and ... was better then dealing with the "real world", real problems and real ... I learned to
The 5 secrets to having a happy life article will give you quick yet powerful ideas and insights on how to achieve real happiness by changing the way you live your life. It will enlighten our souls to the real world that we live in.
Our purpose with this series is to use real life examples of ... and other evil to show how you can better protect ... ... cited in these articles are intended to ...
You've seen the actors on CSI: Miami use high-tech gadgets to solve crime. Now, meet the real-life experts of Miami criminal justice.
An attorney can get you through life's most challenging situations. You've seen ficticious court room scenarios on television, but in real life the process can be difficult. The right lawyer can bring you the justice you deserve.
We are all taught at a young age what’s real and what isn’t, but what if the very foundation of this teaching was flawed? We know when Mufasa died or when Bambi’s mom died, that they weren’t “real” and we shouldn’t be upset, but why did these deaths invoke all these emotions. The “real” part was the emotion, and this is where ones reality lies. No longer able to say what is real and what isn’t by physical boundaries, virtual gaming has pushed the digital envelope. 


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