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Sunday, August 9, 2020
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Rotator Cuff

I had the bad luck to get a rotator cuff tear at the end of last year which really focused me on the rotator cuff muscles and not only how to fix them but also how to go about keeping them healthy. Some of what I found out surprised me quite a bit and if I had known then what I now know I would certainly have approached my problem a bit differently.
Having torn my rotator cuff at the end of last year I have discovered a fair bit about rotator cuff rehabilitation. The thing that surprised me most was just how much exercise featured in rehabilitation of all rotator cuff damage.
Rotator cuff problems come in all shapes and sizes. It could be anything from a mild sprain to a full thickness tear or a shoulder impingement, all of them are caused by problems with the rotator cuff to some extent and all of them will involve rotator cuff therapy exercises as part of the recovery process.
Rotator cuff problems are one of the most common injuries. Eight million Americans will visit their doctor with a shoulder injury this year and most of them will be for rotator cuff related injuries.
Earlier this year I tore one of the muscles in my rotator cuff. Rotator cuff tears come in a number of different shapes and sizes and can be caused by a variety of different things so I was fairly fortunate in that mine was only a partial tear not, a full thickness tear.
Just because you have damaged your rotator cuff, it does not guarantee that you are going to need surgery. Rotator cuffs get injured in a variety of ways and every injury will be different depending on how it occurred in the first place.
Rotator Cuff injuries occur for various reasons.  If you feel you have a shoulder injury, it is strongly recommended you seek treatment as soon as possible.  This article will assist you in understanding Rotator cuff injuries and how they are treated.
Just in case you are not sure where your rotator cuff is located, it is positioned in your shoulder area. There are several ways to injury the rotator cuff and if you do suffer from such misfortune you will know it. This can usually occurs due to another injury to the area or it become worn down over time. Other this these obvious circumstances, it will take a great deal of force to do damage to this powerful tendon group.
What is important with any type of torn rotator cuff treatment is to rest and let the tear begin to heal. Carrying on through the pain of a rotator cuff is only going to leave you requiring surgery as you do more damage to the muscles, so rest is the first thing that you need to do.
Shoulder surgery may be the only feasible option for those patients who have sustained a rotator cuff tear that fails to show progress after non-surgical efforts have been exhausted.
A rotator cuff tear can happen for a variety of reasons but what is teh best way to fix it?
After tearing my rotator cuff quite badly last year and ending up with a shoulder impingement I have found out that rotator cuff physical therapy exercises are the quickest way to get your shoulder back to its pre injury state. This is true whether you are aiming to just speed up recovery time or recover from surgery.
About one third of us will have a rotator cuff injury at some time in our lives, I can't help believing that if we all did shoulder exercises as part of our daily routine, we would probably be able to significantly reduce that number
Rotator cuff injuries are nothing to be taken lightly. Although it is not widely known, rotator cuff injuries are actually very common. How do you know if you have a serious injury or not? Here are the most common symptoms associated with a rotator cuff injury.
At the end of last year I managed to tear my rotator cuff and suffered months of unnecessary pain until I worked out what I was doing wrong. The answer was simple and remarkably quick.


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