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Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Silica Fume

Recently, silica fume prices have raised. In the market, resource of high-quality silica fume (silica content is more than 90%) constraints and the international market has continuous expanding demand for micro-silica fume.
Micro-silica fume, also known as silica fume, silicon powder, in the smelting of the silicon alloy or industrial silicon, silicon vapor is discharged through the flue after oxidation, obtained by the special design of the precipitator collection of amorphous, powdered silica. 
The 2012 is an important year for silica fume market in China. The experts think that silica fume market is at the initial stage of industry consolidation.
Micro-silica fume, also called silicon ash or condensed silica fume, someone also called it silicon power, is a by-product of ferrosilicon or silicon metal produce process, by submerged arc furnace in high purity quartz, coke and wood chips produced by the reduction, the main ingredient is SiO2, generally the silica fume color is between light gray and dark gray.
Silica fume’s applying research and recycling have a late start in China. Most of the ferrosilicon production enterprises do not pay enough attention to the recovery of silica fume.
Silica fume is a fine silica powder material generated in the smelting of ferrosilicon alloy and industrial silicon. The process produces the SiO2 and Si gas.
Mobility of silica fume is related with silicon content, but it is out of the proportion. For the same kind of silica fumes, some have good liquidity, while some simply do not have the liquidity.
Because of high absorption rate of nanometer silica fume and lithium battery, nanometer silica fume can significantly improve capacity of lithium battery. Nanometer silica fume and graphite can become alternatives of nano toner as raw materials.
From a comprehensive perspective, the effect of silica fume to improve the durability of concrete is the most significant, and can be used for almost any durability requirements of the environment. Impermeability, generally, the effect of silica fume increased impermeability is greater than the increase of strength,silicon powder mixed with a small dosage of low-strength concrete. 
Comparing with ordinary concrete, silica fume concrete has high strength and durability.
Silica fume particles mixed with cement concrete can increase the concrete mixing tough soft sticky cohesion and hardened concrete fill density. It has significant ultrafine aggregate effect.
At present, micro-silica fume is used for high strength concrete (HSC) in the worldwide. Generally it is more than 80MPa. But its first application in engineering was attributed to the tunnel.
The 'Global and China Silica Fume Powder Market - Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth and Forecasts 2016-2021' is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the global Silica Fume Powder industry with a focus on the Chinese market.
As we all know, the micro-silica fume is a effective concrete admixtures, superplasticizer, increase the strength of the concrete to reduce porosity and the amount of cement and many other merit. 
Silicon powder also called micro silica fume, scientific name is "silicon fume", also known as silica fume, is an industrial furnace in high temperature smelting industrial silicon and ferrosilicon process, with exhaust gas escaping smoke through a special collection device collection and processing to obtain.


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