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Saturday, December 14, 2019
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Silica Powder

Silicon powder has good stability and plays an important role in the paint fill. In particular for exterior paint, SiO2 raw material plays an important role in weathering resistance.
The ultra-fine powders whose raw materials are metal or metal can be divided into iron, aluminum powder, magnesium powder, titanium powder, manganese powder, bronze powder (FCu 663), lead powder, zinc powder, zinc oxide, molybdenum powder, tungsten powder, etc.
Silica is the world's second most common mineral and it is also an extremely damaging mineral that, when inhaled, can cause lung cancer, tuberculosis, renal failure, etc. Silica dust exists in many work environments and hundreds of employees work in and around it without knowledge of the extreme danger they are in. It is important to know the effects of silica to protect oneself.
Metal powder for diamond tools are nickel powder, copper powder, cobalt powder, alloy powder and so on.
Silica fume’s applying research and recycling have a late start in China. Most of the ferrosilicon production enterprises do not pay enough attention to the recovery of silica fume.
Those who take calcium dietary supplements also need to make use of silica supplements. Silica will work to have the calcium in the human body to become placed towards the right regions of a person's bone tissues.
When silica dust is inhaled it causes a severe lung disease known as silicosis. Individuals who work with silica should be aware of the extreme dangers associated with this line of work and their employers must also make employees aware of these risks.
Fine Glitter Powder is the manufacturer of glitter powder ,embossing powder and pearl powder, which pay a lot of attention on quality, innovation and customer service. We can provide more than 200 colours while any colour can be customized. What’s more, our customers can private package and label.
Silica is recognized for having the ability to deal with a person's bone tissues. Silica for the osseous matter could be used to assist with defending the bone tissues and also to be an aid to preserve a wholesome bone strength and density.
Metal powder coating means containing metallic pigment ( such as: copper gold powder, silver powder, nickel powder ) of various powder coating. 
Powder compaction (mainly referring to the powder metallurgy) uses the metal powder (or a mixture of metal and non-metallic powder) as raw materials.
The bottom line is, exactly what a person who is thinking of buying a silica product in order to reduce hair-loss would want to understand is whether or not the silica can truly assist in that way, through reducing the hair-loss.
The 2012 is an important year for silica fume market in China. The experts think that silica fume market is at the initial stage of industry consolidation.
Mobility of silica fume is related with silicon content, but it is out of the proportion. For the same kind of silica fumes, some have good liquidity, while some simply do not have the liquidity.
Micro-silica fume, also called silicon ash or condensed silica fume, someone also called it silicon power, is a by-product of ferrosilicon or silicon metal produce process, by submerged arc furnace in high purity quartz, coke and wood chips produced by the reduction, the main ingredient is SiO2, generally the silica fume color is between light gray and dark gray.


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