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Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Tooth Decay

In order for tooth decay to be developed in a tooth, that tooth must have acid producing bacteria around it, along with food for the bacteria to feed upon.  Teeth that are susceptible to decay will have little to no fluoride in the enamel to fight the plaque.  Fluoride can destroy decay, although it won’t be able to do much once the decay has started to eat the teeth.
Lack of care, faulty diet and bad eating habits may cause tooth decay. There are several home remedies for tooth decay which are easy to follow and simple to use.
Flossing prevent tooth decay; Without proper care tooth decay slowly steals the health from the mouth eroding at the enamel of the teeth. 
Cause of Tooth Decay; A tooth decays when the enamel has been damaged or dissolved due to various reasons. This results in a cavity. There are different ways in which the tooth decays. 
Tooth decay is a serious risk for individuals that don’t maintain their routine cleanings.
Snacking smart can help prevent tooth decay.  During snacking your teeth are affected by the number factors including the frequency you eat sugary snacks, the duration the sugary foods stays in the mouth, and the texture of the sugary food.  This article outlines tips to avoid dental tooth decay while still having the ability to snack.
Cavities can best be described as tooth decay.  As we all know, tooth decay is influenced by what we eat, how we take care of our teeth, and the amount of fluoride in our toothpastes.  If your family has a history of tooth disease or teeth problems, then you may inherit it that way.  This is very common, as many people inherit tooth problems that have been passed down from generation to generation.
Tooth decay also known as dental caries or cavities is a common disease which affects a large percentage of the world population. It is widespread and generally occurs due to poor oral habits.
According to dentists, tooth decay is one of the most common diseases suffered by adults and children alike. So what is a cavity and how is it treated? Find out by reading this article.
Cavities, the result of tooth decay, can occur to anyone who has teeth. Ninety percent of Americans have a least one cavity in their mouth, and two-thirds of America’s population had their first cavity by the time they reached five years of age.
Baby bottle tooth decay occurs when sweetened liquids or those with natural sugars cling to an infant's teeth for long periods of time. Bacteria in the mouth thrive on this sugar and produce acids that attack the teeth. Child’s tooth can be prevented by taking some necessary measures.
Most of the tooth decay prevention can be handled at home by the parents. If you want to save a lot of money on dentist visits and spare your child the pain of tooth decay, you will start them very young in the habit of taking care of their mouths.
Follow these tips if you want healthy teeth and gums. These tips will help you prevent tooth decay, infections, gum diseases, and other diseases of the body.
Chewing gum can prevent tooth decay by promoting production of saliva which prevents bacteria build-up.
Dentists are teeth professionals who can educate you on how to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible in order for them to last a lifetime. Here we look at what tooth decay is and how to prevent it from damaging your precious teeth.


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