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Saturday, July 20, 2019
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Ultrafine Silica Powder

The silica powder is an important raw material for the production of polysilicon. Silica powder reacts with anhydrous hydrogen chloride in a fluidized bed reactor. It generates trichlorosilane.
Ultrafine silver powder is an important material for electrical and electronic industries; it is a kind of precious metal powder, which is widely used in the electronics industry. 
Silica fume is a fine silica powder material generated in the smelting of ferrosilicon alloy and industrial silicon. The process produces the SiO2 and Si gas.
Ultrafine copper powder is light red. It is easily oxidized in moist air and is soluble in hot sulfuric acid and nitric acid.
Activity of silica powder (coupling agent) filled natural rubber, butadiene rubber, rubber compound, the powder is easily dispersed, the performance of the mixing process, rolling and extrusion is very good, and can increase the curing rate of vulcanizates for rubber to enhance the viscous effect, especially ultra-fine grade silica powder, replace part of the silica fill in the rubber compound, are very good role for improving the physical indicators of the products and reduce production costs.
The future development of ultrafine nickel powder technology mainly focuses on three aspects of preparation, properties and applications of ultrafine nickel powder. The preparation technology studies the preparation principle, preparation methods and preparation equipment.
In recent years, due to the rapid development of mobile phones, laptops, computers and other telecommunications equipments, the market demand of ultrafine nickel powder rises rapidly.
There are conducted extensive researches for ultrafine nickel powder in the past decade. That is due to its potential value, such as application in paints, rechargeable batteries, chemical catalysts, optoelectronics and magnetic recording materials.
The 'Global and China Silica Fume Powder Market - Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth and Forecasts 2016-2021' is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the global Silica Fume Powder industry with a focus on the Chinese market.
Copper Powder is the second important powder material following the iron powder. From the market of china, copper powder is widely used in copper-iron-based powder metallurgy parts, of which the largest amount belongs to the metallurgy parts of copper powder.
Micro-silica fume, also known as silica fume, silicon powder, in the smelting of the silicon alloy or industrial silicon, silicon vapor is discharged through the flue after oxidation, obtained by the special design of the precipitator collection of amorphous, powdered silica. 
Silica fume particles mixed with cement concrete can increase the concrete mixing tough soft sticky cohesion and hardened concrete fill density. It has significant ultrafine aggregate effect.
According to metal powder supplier, different milling method of silica fume activity is differentiated, what determine the active factors have: powder on the microstructure, surface area, particle size, surface protection and equipment steel consumption.
The silica sol is a colloidal solution of silica fine particles dispersed in water, also known as silica sol, or silica hydrosol. 
According to metal powder supplier, add silicon powder can change some of the important physical performance of concrete, silica particles can be filled with a relatively greater porosity of the cement particles, reduce the pore volume, but the silicon powder’s specific surface area on the workability have a great impact. 


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