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Monday, December 10, 2018
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Fan the 4 Flames of Freedom
The Middle East: Prior Claims?
Art That Talks - Tapart Real News and Issues
Difficult Choices
What's With These Apologies?
Find An Enemy
Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander
What Is The Difference Between a Pacifist and a Victim?
Turn The Clock Back . . .
Handguns - A Moral Imperative
Fiction Imitates Life
Should Felons Have Guns?
Collins Powell`s "James Bond"
Turkish court denies 1000 european plaintiffs the lawsuit +++ German politicans Guido Westerwelle and Roland Koch helps the european citizens
What Are the Inspectors Really Looking For?
I do not mind lying, but I hate inaccuracy
"Why Do They Hate Us?
The Last Eclipse
5 Tips To Keep Happy ... Even In Wartime
Discover the Real Bush War
The Bogside Artists Newletter Issue 1.
The Illusion of Democracy
Marx Without Marxism? A Study of Karl Marx as an Influential Political Theorist
Stop a War
Nothing to Fear
No, Thank You! America, Go Home!
True or False? A Crash- appraisal of the American logic in the War on Iraq
Americqa, Jihad is Coming!
What If TV News Had Covered D-Day?
Democracy is the art of running the circus from the monkey cage.
The Power Behind Words...
A Strategic Fifth Column
Towards a Strategy of Prevention
Clarification of UN Verification
A New Look at Labor Day
No Boondoggle to Tie Foreign Aid to Recipients' Core Values
Of course everybody was innocent but...
The Roots of Anti-Americanism
Just War
Fascism - The Tensile Permanence
The Inverted Saint - Hitler
The Disunited Nations
M.A.D. About Nukes
Redefining Insurance Fraud: On Managed Care
Tales Of Hollywood And Politics
The Ironies Of MASH
The Plan for Iraq
A Chat with Osama
A Chat with Saddam
Chasing Shadows! A Dream
Saddham Hussein: Not Yet Uhuru
The Chinese Bin Laden: The terrorist leader China forgot
Earthquake Diplomacy
Two Party Madness
We are Going to Live on Mars
The 25 Fallacies of President Bush's State of the Union Address on Terrorism ( Part 1 )
The 25 Fallacies of President Bush's State of the Union Address on Terrorism ( Part 2 )
How the Weapons Disappeared by George Bush
The Tragedy of Cyprus -rescue by US marines of FBIS staff in a military coup
Socrates, Politics and Axe Murder: A Look At Gay Marriage
Electable Ralph
Gods 401k plan
Intelligence Failure and the next Armageddon
Who Does A Conservative Vote For ?
August 6th PDB: Smoking Gun or A Dud ?
The Commander in Chief's Bold Surprise Iraq Visit: Happy Thanksgiving !
Meet The New Kerry, Same As The Old Kerry !
The Capture of Saddam: Great News for Americans and Iraqis, Bad News for the Liberals and the Main Stream News Media !
Stand Your Ground Mr. President We're With You !
The Case For Terri Schiavo's Right To Live !
Who is the best qualified candidate for the job?
The Declaration of RE-Independdence
The ninth amendment: It's cool!!
Who Really Runs the U.S. Government Today
Peace Starts With The Mirror
"Fahrenheit 911" Wins Round One
Ronald Reagan: Hero or Villain?
Ann Coulter vs. One Billion Arabs
The Politics of Torture
Moving America Backwards: Censoring Michael Moore
The Declaration of RE-Independence
Pakistan Under Musharraf Military Regime, And The Question Of Religious Fundamentalism
Everything's All Right in the Middle East
Vice President?
Democrats Can't Win
President Bush Snubs NAACP Again!
The Purpose of War
The Politics of Freedom
The Apartheid Wall Saga Continues
Bush, Kerry and Electability
Politics in New Jersey
Anybody but BUSH!
Bush vs. Kerry -- Negative Campaigning
To the Citizens of Kansas
Assault Weapons Legal
Save America, Vote for Anyone but Bush!
7 Proposals to solve the Unemployment Problem
Pray Before You Vote
You're Fired!
Giving the power back to the people
Conservatives Should Consider The Libertarian Party
Recycling The Mentally Ill
Voting Pro-Environment is Good For Jobs, Health, and Security
An Environmental Voting Guide for US State Elections
The Greatest President Ever...
Your America
Slavery – It’s Economic in Today’s World
Captain Ahab joins the Canadian Navy
Obese Government
The Renaissance
Fahrenheit 9/11
KVB: Whoever Wins, We Lose
The Conundrum of World Improvement
A Guide to Election Night for the Non-Political Junkie
A Clear Direction After Election Day
Democrats - Where to now?
Are Black Republicans Selfish?
Narcissistic Leaders
Election Truth
A Look Ahead to 2008 (Part I)
Seeing Blue, Feeling Blue
White Farms, Black Farmers
Left and Right in a Divided Europe
A Letter of Congratulation to George Bush
Peace in the Mideast
A Look Ahead to 2008 (Part II)
My Two Cents--Did You Exercise Your Voting Muscle?
Of Snakes and Terrorism
John Kerry Won the Election... Or so Says Harvard University
Same Sex Marriage: Legislating Morality
Polling and campaigning made easier using online surveys
I Want To Be A Democrat
I Want To Be A Republican
Pakistanis' future in US
A new kind of Patriotism
A Workable Alternative to Term Limits
How The Republicans Stole The 2004 US Election
Bush Administration Set to Change Environmental Laws
Over 1,000,000,000 Children are at Risk
Custer and Keogh (Lincoln's Assassination too)
The Ugly American Returns
The Superultramodern Universal Communism
Listen My Children And You Will Hear.
Is it Possible to Appease Evil?
The Price of Loyalty
The Burning Bush
U.S. vs Militias and Gangs
Blame It All On Rush Limbaugh.
Osama Swings Election
Polarize This!
Tales Of The Bizarro World
The Animal Rights Summit
Republican/Conservative Hate Members of the Media
Mortarless Bricks: The Wavering Walls of Globalization
Colts’ stadium short on horse sense
Whose Values Are They Anyway?
Bush Victory: A Defeat for the Have-nots?
Fact to Fiction: The brutal truth about the practice of stoning
Thank Catholic schools for faith in every student
The Glorious Acts of Our Legislature
How to Tinker With Social Security Correctly
The Iraqi Election
Some truly frightening statistics regarding economic freedom in The Untied States
Three of President Bush's failures in his first term
Why do the Republicans keep bringing up seatbelt laws?
Enough is Enough
A Libertarian’s Christmas Wish list for 2005
Origins Of The War
Who will be an American hero
Katie Collman: Another Victim of the War on Drugs
Invisible Slavery System - I
Invisible Slavery System - II
Don't Trade Rights for Security
Banishing Immigration Newspeak
A Website Link That Should Be On All Websites
Legislators, not sober drivers, are ones with impaired judgment
All Americans Labeled Equally Homosexual by Government
History of the Media
Moazzam Begg - Guantanamo Bay
Obvious often means overlooked
The "real" War On Terror...
UK Elections on the Horizon
It still doesn’t pay to be gay
I Pity Nigeria
Don’t let government build an obsolete stadium
Can Indianapolis afford an NFL franchise?
Bloody People - A Right Royal Fiasco
The Democratic Ideal and New Colonialism
Why Christian and atheist libertarians get along
Staffordshire Bull Terriers
What is a Family?
Famous Filibusters in Political History
Another Federal Whistleblower -- Is Anyone Listening?
What Is The Filibuster All About?
Mr President's had his Chips.
The Project For a New American Century!
Ideological Imperialism
Why Democrats Lose Elections: They aren't dumb. They're asleep.
Without Country
Kyrgyzstan’s Revolution : a New Definition of “Partytime”?
Just how democratic is the Middle East getting?
Apologize for what?
Eurovision Song Contest - End this Embarassment
Jesse and Al should read this!
Slavery Was Useful
John McCain's "Agreed Framework"
Throwing in the Towel
Reform Versus Revolution
Arguing About Arguments, the Chinless, and North Korean Parrots...
Whose Land?
Changing The Tone
Wisconsin bans hunting by Internet
Power: Its Cause, Its Effect
Freedom, Independence. What Does it Mean to You?
Appeal to American Workers
Are We Barbarians?
A Better World Is Possible
Censorship, Our Enemy
Why I Am A Communist
Concepts of Socialism
A Discourse on Liberty
Domestic Terrorism Versus National Militarism
Excerpt From An Iraqi Citizen's Blog
The Great Plan of Insurrection: The One Big Union
MORAL ARMOR'S Counterfeit 911: Refuting Michael Moore
You just can't polish a turd!
RSS meet targets Advani
Live 8 - will it work?
The Attack On The Mail Order Brides Industry (Part One)
The Attack On The Mail Order Brides Industry (Part Two)
The Attack On The Mail Order Brides Industry (Part Three)
The Attack On The Mail Order Brides Industry (Part Four)
Politics Not So Sweet in Home Alabama
People say — and do — the dumbest things
The Abortion Debate
Industrial Labor Versus Domestic Labor
It Is Here
Libertarianism and Socialism
The Origins of Anarchy
The Principles of Anarcho-Communism
The Rights of Squatters
Socialism: A Broader Explanation
Using Fascism to Destroy Fascism
Bush's Brain is Leaking
Add Me to the List, Mr. Blair
Narcissists, Group Behavior, and Terrorism - Part IV
Narcissists, Group Behavior, and Terrorism - Part I
Narcissists, Group Behavior, and Terrorism - Part III
Narcissists, Group Behavior, and Terrorism - Part II
Emerging Water Wars
Deliberation Regarding the Impeachment of the President of the United States of America
Bring Peace to Iraq
The Fate of the State of Israel
The Armenian Genocide
The Abdication Crisis Revisited
Chavez's Inspiration - Simon Bolivar
The Aung San Family in Myanmar
Myths of the American Civil War
Another Look at Mahatma Gandhi
America's Second Civil War
The Anarchist Versus the Statist
The Semi-failed State
To Those Who Support War
Dilemma on NATO's Purpose after Cold War
Moving To Canada Is A Joke...the Economic, Military, And Social Integration Of North America
The American Revolution
Political Radio Advertising for 2006
Profit: Its Social Motivation and Function
Patriotic Armageddon...Can You Hear Me Now?
Crusader vs. Caliphate...Bush Doctrine: Destroy the Heretics of Islam!
Addressing the Canadian Age of Sexual Consent
Privilege: Its Role in Oppression
Mayor Villaraigosa and the Truth about Cats and Dogs
Israel Must Be Wiped Off The Of Treasongate
The Crusader vs. The Caliphate...Bush Doctrine: The Heretics of Islam Must Be Destroyed
How to Raise the Muslim World from Poverty?
Your Covenant With Death - Your Agreement With Hell...the Us-israel Strategic Alliance - Part I
Does Multilateralism Really Matter?
Media Put The Cat Out
He Will Confirm A Covenant With Many...the U.S.- Israel Strategic Alliance - Part II
Income Trusts Insider Information
Review: Illicit
He Will Also Invade The Beautiful Land...The U.S.-Israel Strategic Alliance - Part III
Electronic Piracy
Bush's Bold Peace Initiative...israel After Sharon
The Prince Who Is To Come...the U.s.-israel Strategic Alliance-part IV
THE PRINCE OF THE COVENANT...The U.S.-Israel Strategic Alliance-Part IV
Non-Prophet Cartoons: Islam vs. The West
Third World Debt - A Solution
America, the Dictatorship
The New Politics
Designing a radio campaign leading the Democrats to victory in 2006.
Six Thought Provoking Questions
Oil Shortgages - A Solution
These Ain’t My Chicks
Political Advertising Strategies For Local Races
District 51: Janet Long: A Soldier’s Mom
District 51: Janet Long: No time for Partisanship
District 51: Janet Long: The Importance of our Police Force
The Tax Policy Charade
Review of The Cattle Authored by Greg M. Sarwa
District 51: Janet Long: A Perspective on Caretaking
The government does not fulfil its mission completely
Fund Raising For Political Elections
Janet Long. A Soldier’s Mom from District 51
Take Thousands of Bureaucrats and Call me in the Morning
Janet Long: A Perspective on Caretaking in District 51
Janet Long: No time for Partisanship from District 51
Janet Long: The Importance of our Police Force in District 51
What does the Government have to Fear of the People?
The Power of Jewelry
A Day Without Illigal Immigrants
Apology From A Bush Voter
Simple Solutions to Global Problems? – Tai Chi & Qigong Profiles Janet Long’s Excellent Chance for Victory in Florida House Seat District 5
Consumer Culture is a Threat to Progressive Change
How Can Tai Chi Offer the World a New Generation of Geniuses, and Change the World for Us All?
Interview with Max and Monique Nemni Authors of Young Trudeau Son of Quebec, Father of Canada, 1919-
How The 1989 Tiananmen Square Protests Uncovered Ancients Texts
America the Narcissist
The Arrogant Path To Extinction
The Exclusionary Conscience
Spike Lee and Ray Nagin - What do They Have in Common
Florida House of Representatives District 51 Candidate Janet C. Long Has A Plan
New breed of abolitionist...
Central London (UK) exodus
The Critique Of The World Press - Review of the Israel-Lebanon War
CC Flight taxation hurts all but the elite...
Iran’s Maneuvers and the Shahab Missiles
Basset Hound - The facts every owner of this dog breed should know
You Are Being Politically Manipulated
Lost in Translation: California Community Dispute Resolution Programs Denied Funding
Anatomy Of A Lie
Exploring Some Reasons Behind The High Energy Prices
Democratization or Shift of Control?
National Identification Cards. What’s the Purpose?
A New Age Of Feminism
American Policy And China
Lebanon - Children of the Abyss
US Policy In The Middle East
The Soviet Union Collapse
Iraqi Intifada? The wild, weird and ferocious Counter-Surge
Law Of Attraction: Clinton, Biden Blame Bush, but are Just As Responsible for War in Iraq
21,000 Troops To Become The Latest Guinea Pigs For Pentagon
The European Union Treaty
Al Qaeda : Secrets of its Hidden Power
The Battle of Baghdad : Perspectives for the Surge
Al Qaeda's Hidden Weaknesses
Putin puts in an “Eagle”
The Reality of Iraq
The Sisyphean Surge
The US Tax Code: An Open Letter to Madam Chairperson Pelosi
Al Gore's Defeat or His Finest Hour?
Iran – The Unwinable War, with Unachievable Aims and Unbelievable Consequences
Pardon Me?
Better another Taliban Afghanistan, than a Taliban NUCLEAR Pakistan!?
Insurgent psychology – Honour, dignity, shame and humiliation – the roots of an endless war
Benefits of Petitioning Online
Famous People Who Consult Psychics in History
Senator McCain’s little big picture – what is the real situation?
The policy of American government since the Cold War
Could the Kurds Kill Iraq?
Najaf - the begining of the Iraqi Intifada!?
The Healthcare Crisis In Pennsylvania
US Used Neutron Bomb to Take Baghdad
Reduce your global warming impact using your gas purchasing to reward the eco oil companies
Somalia – Al Qaeda’s New Base – America’s Next War?
Support Space Sciences - For the Future of Mankind
The Free Speech Nazis
Alternatives to Education Meltdown
Mitt Romney - Will He Be the First Mormon President?
Bill Clinton - The First White House Baby Boomer
Al Gore - Hotter Than Ever
Bush- the Young Adult (Part1 in a short series of the Mismaking of a President)
Cuba Can Teach Us About Healthcare
Justice Serves All? - Perhaps, none, but definitely ONE
Things to think about for the Canadian Elections
How To Really Save Planet Earth: A Test About Al Gore
The United States Failing War On Drugs
Right-Wing Talk Radio
Missing Sam Kinison
Health Care and Michael Moore: Who’s the real “SICKO?”
Globalization - Liberalism's Disastrous Gamble
The Poor Nation's Defense Mechanisms
We Must Not Compromise With Our Health Care
Information The Government Makes Public About You
Animal Rights Is A Dirty Word
Focus on Peace
Reigning Foreclosures Create the Perfect Storm
Save Money on Newspaper Subscriptions
What Happened To Our Democracy?
The Political Wit and Wisdom of Will Rogers
A Brief History of the Procedural Filibuster
The Income Tax in America: A Brief History
How to Become a Legal Immigrant in the U.S.: The Green Card and Naturalization
Will You Rise To The Global Warming Challenge?
The Alaska Purchase and William Seward
What is a Filibuster?
Famous Filibusters in U.S. Political History
Dark Secret About Education Part II
Alternatives to catching criminals
The Secret About Our Healthcare System
A Message To All Peace Activist And Peace Seekers
World Peace: The Misconception And The Truth
The Natural Common Bonds Between All People
How The Power Of The People Can Affect World Peace
2008: Election Of Your Life
Martin Luther King Jr., Catalyst for a Peaceful Revolution
The Perfection of Al Gore
Germany's Fourth Reich
Happy Birthday, Macedonia!
How Acts of Terror Lead to Tyranny and Dictatorships
Latent Nazis -Conversations with Young German Intellectuals
Renaissance and Nazism as Ideas of Progress
The Role of Politicians
Alternatives to Torture, 1
The EU Kicks Google in the Teeth
Lo que se avecina…
Medicare For All Americans
Energy Independence Now
Macedonia's Titanic Waltz
A Tale of Two Hurricane Cities
Witness to History... again!
In Favor Of Flip-Flopping Politicians
Health Care For All Americans NOW
Obtaining an Apostille or Embassy Legalization Online
Operation Iraqi Freedom Enslaved Iraqi Women
Elmo Has a Question: Who Voted For the Kurd?
Return to Ouvea, New Caledonia
Asking 40 Important Health and Medical Questions to the Next US President
Alternatives to Torture, part 2
Pellet Guns A Collectors Opinion
One of Us
Difficult Choices For The Ukraine
Leadership Lessons from Presidential Campaigns
Loving Myself, Loving Hillary
Battle of the Giants – Clinton vs Obama
Political Unrest in Thailand
Four Things That Make America Great
Petroleum, the Triple Threat to World Economies
September 11th Remembered 5 years after the start of the Iraq War.
Key Energy Technologies for Booming World Economies
Dangers and Opportunities: The Future of Greenwash
Fair Tax
Kosovars and other Albanians - Why Great Albania is a Myth
Secession, National Sovereignty, and Territorial Integrity
The Simplest Solution To Help Stop Global Warming: A Major Fact For You To Face
Social-Political Sustainability: The Human Element
Fossil Fuel-based Travel and the Hospitality Industry's Impact on Global Warming
The Commercial Solar Electrical Power System At Spring Lake Inn Is Helping To Stop Global Warming!
Perché in Italia i cittadini non hanno mai soldi dello stato
Online Casinos and National Security
Chinese Politics, influences of the past, feeling of "déjà vu"
Three Challenges Defining Social-Political Sustainability
Boycotting Beijing: A History of Politics at the Olympic Games
Exxon Is Doing A Good Job
Attention must be paid....sometimes
Paris Hilton is Not News
On the Road to Somewhere Else
Nothing Changes but the Weather
Ding Dong the Pretext is Dead
Can't See the Future for the Bees
Questioning Connection, Community and Culture
Enough of the Maddening Crowd
Happy Earth Day to you
Floating Canaries and the Frogs of Nofufi
Economic Freedom is Key for High Standards of Living
Obama Popularizes Himself among Youth through E-Marketing
The Folly of Making Ethanol from Food Crops
Passion and the Presidential Primary
Airport Transfer
The War in Iraq – It’s More Dangerous Than You Think!
Business Owner & Freedom Fighter in one
The Credit Crisis Is Fuelled By Fuel Prices
The Great Hoax of Male Domination
Excess Oil Profits or Healthy Economies?
Rome Is Burning
Carbon Based Global Warming Is A Hoax! -The Ruse At The Muse Exposed
Recovery From Politics
Single Payer Universal Health Care For All Pennsylvanians
Hillary Is Still My Candidate
Alternatives to GM foods
Banning Guns Doesn't Fix The Problem
John McCain for President? Yeah, Right.
Breaking the OPEC Chains
Alternatives to being Roman
Securing Energy Independence for the USA
Election 2008: Voting is only a small part of your democratic rights.
Bad Energy Policies Will Harm World Economies
The Glass Ceiling of The White House - For a Woman, It's More Like Solid Stone!
We Can Break Oil Addiction Permanently

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