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Monday, December 10, 2018
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The Trouble With Love
50 Secrets of a Blissful Relationship/Review
Get Busy on A Thoughtful Valentine Gift
Visions of Sugar Plums
Standing Up to Be Counted
Hedwig's Angry Inch
Silencing the Body Electric
"I don’t wanna’ see your thong "
Differing Sexual Needs
10 Sexy Valentine's Day Suggestions to Use on Any Day
Spicing Up Routine Sexual Activities
Why Have Soul Satisfying Sex and What is it, You Ask?
Sex and the Soul
Aromatherapy to Awaken Your Sexual Spirit
Beware of prolonged and painful...
Adult modeling
Light Your Lover's Fire!
Fantastic Positions for Her and Him
Mutual Masturbation
Selfless Behaviors
Communication with Your Lover
Accomplishing Sexual Greatness
Women's Sexual Expression
Some Essential Dating Advice For Men
True Romance for Couples with Kids: 10 ideas
Eight Characteristics that Give a Man the Absolute Best Chance to Score with Women
You Became a Social Coward by Accident
Men: When it comes to the Dating Game, are you Playing with Scared Money?
Meeting Women Takes Awareness and Preparation
Sexual Energy!
Triggering Automatic Female Lust
When Trying to Pick up Women, Always Work Alone
How To Be A Nice Guy And Still Get Laid
How to Hire an Escort without Worry or Embarressment.
What to look for when finding a submissive.
Hormonal Heaven
The Perfect Reason For More Sex
It's Never About the Sex
Why Marital Sex Often Dies
The Price Of A Virgin - Poverty caused this innocent girl to drop out of school and sell her most precious gift to a total stranger.
Secrets to get to the heart of your loved one
Using Sex Addictively
Sex and New Relationships
Sex for sale over the internet.
5 Steps To Success In Speed Dating
5 Questions Men Want To Ask Women ....... But Daren't!!
Sex, Lies, Affairs, and Relationships
Why Do People Cheat?
Infidelity - Again?
Goodbye Boyfriend, Hello Roommate
Top 10 Tips for Phenomenal Sex
What Sex over 60 Can Teach You About Sex under 40
Ten Hot Tips to Light Your Woman's Fire
How To Make A Baby
5 Sexual Myths Destructive to Your Relationship
The Art of Seduction
Time For A Quickie!!
Our Feelings and Attitudes Around 'Happily Ever After'
Vintage Lingerie and FFNylons !!
Pen Pal Romance
Passion's Search for Destiny
Improve Your Sexual Relationship
The SURGE of the URGE!
The #1 Tip for Great Sex
Pursuing Postmenopausal Zest
Achieving Harder Erections Everytime
An Experience with the Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket
The Jack Rabbit - The Vibrator that Started It All
Is Online Dating Starting a New Sexual Revolution?
Should You Forgive Infidelity?
Things To Avoid At Your First Date
How do I get him or her to talk to me?!!!!
The useless War of the Sexes!
The Right To Choose To Think
Cyberskin Adult Toys - The Look and Feel of Real
Too Many Divorces
Is She Cheating? - Many Unsuspecting Husbands Find Out Too Late
Swinging Success - The Ultimate Lifestyle Guide
"The Bullet" Vibrator
G*A*Y or GAY - why is it hard! - talk about?
Hunter and Gatherer
Calling Forth a Soulmate
Seducing with Hygiene
Confessions of a Younger Lover
Things to Watch Out for When Dating Online
Oral Sex for Him
Oral Sex for Her
The Power of Beauty
The Imperfect but Perfect Person
Five Tips to Reignite Lost Sexual Desire
Make Your Sex Sizzle with Foreplay
Sex is a serious thing!
How To Seduce A Woman The Right Way
Intimate glimpses the art of Steven Ricks
La Bruce, a shocking diversity
Do Opposites Attract
How to Be Irresistible to Women
Sexual Lubricants - A Slippery Pleasure
How Can You Tell if the Guy You're Dating is Married?
The Power of Foreplay
Using the internet to find a discrete relationship is easy.
Looking for Love in All The Wrong Places?
TRUTH OR FICTION? Men, what do you really know about PMS?
You've Been Dumped. Here's How to Get Over It.
The Natural Roots of Sexuality
10 Tips For The Ritzy Lady
Female Therapeutic Sex
Still Single for the Holidays? Lucky You!
No Limits
Dominant by Day, Submissive by Night
He Still Hasn't Popped the Question. Should You Give Him an Ultimatum?
Victorian Swoon & Erotica
Midlife Dating: The Gentleman Goes A-Courting
Single for the holidays? Not a problem with these 5 tips.
How To Add Romance To Your Relationship
Graphology for Sex / Graphology and sex
Sensual and spiritual erotic art
Metallic nude photography
Rich Lady Looks From Ancient Greece
Men don't know what they want. By a man
Washroom Break
Art of Flirting
What turns them on?
To Tell... or Not to Tell
Nudism and Sex
Vulnerability of the naked Body
How to Attract the Love of Your Life
Don't Be Afraid of her Hoo Hoo: How to properly eat your girl's vagina
Homosexual and Transsexual Narcissists
What turns them on pt.2
Blogging: The New Exhibitionism
Why Is Sex A Four Letter Word?
Fun with Fellatio
Meet a Girl or Guy You Can Bring Home to Mother
Continuous Male Orgasms
Anal Eroticism : The 10 Rules of Anal Sex
Toyslove Site Dedicated To Improving Lovemaking Techniques Through Sybian And Electrosex Demonstrations
Online Dating Tips - Tip #1 - Honesty
The truth about sex appeal and how to get it
Sexy Lingerie For The Plus Size Woman
Dirty Old Men Get Their Dream Girls
Thong or G Strings, Which do you prefer?
Sex Scandal. Nude Girls on Billboards!
Yes, You Really Can Stop Premature Ejaculation Without Drugs in Less Than A Week!
Kinky Sex Spots You Must Try!
Is your girlfriend a Hooker, and are you really just paying for sex?
Do You Love Girls?
The Thirty Year Old Sexual Peak
Know The Meaning Of Your Valentine's Day Roses
Sex Toys - History and Benefits
Would You Like To Have 1000 Girlfriends?
Increase Your Sex Drive
Are You a Dirty Old Man Looking For Dream Girls Galore?
Senior Playboy Club!!!
Give Your Valentine Sexy Feet
Skinny Dip Seduction
The Senior Playboy Has More Young Beautiful Girlfriends Than Any Man On the Planet!
What Do You Do on Valentines Day When You Have 1000 Girlfriends!
The Penile Size Your Woman Really Wants
Size Does Matter!
Sexy Secrets You Must Know
Men's Health
How to Kiss a Woman so she Aches for You
Are You A Rich Shy Guy Who Can't Pick Up Girls?
The Lazy Man's Way To Pick Up Girls!
The New King Elvis Preston King
How Would YOU Like to Have a Travel Buddy Who Knows How to Pick up Girls!
e-Matchmaking: Can a Computer Program Find Love For You?
Is 'Sex and the City' Setting You Up for Loneliness?
Sex Toys - There's One For Everyone
Reading People: Body Language Briefing
Getting Your Needs Met
Outdoor Sex
Down Low and Debatable
Are You an Older Man Miserable With Your Sex Life?
Love is in the Air: Sensual Aromatherapy
My Life
Another raison d´etre for Escort services...
Billionaire Playboy
Future Aricles Featuring How to Pick up Girls
The Richest Man on Earth
Blow Ups and Downs
Why Anal Sex is Painful for Most Lovers
Overweight? - 5 Tips to enhance your sex drive
SEX Positions of Kamasutra - 1
Anal Sex part-2
Anal Sex part-3
Anal Sex part-1
SEX Positions of Kamasutra - 2
Sex Positions Of Kamasutra - 3
Picture Yourself in a Magical Tropical Paradise
World’s Top Playboy Playoff Challenge
Mystery vs Elvis Preston King
Sex Without Intimacy and Intimacy Without Sex
12 Tips to Keep Your Mood Alive
World’s Top Seduction Expert
Body Beautiful - Sex with Curves!
How To Spot Undercover Cops In Adult Theaters And Clubs
The World's Top Playboy's Services Goes to the Highest Bidder
Where and How to Meet REAL Dream Girls
The World’s Top Ladies Man
Last Call For the World’s Top Playboy’s Services
LivePornStarOncAM Signs MariahXXX
Who Wouldn’t Envy the World's Top Playboy?
Momma's Boys Make Better Lovers
Guys Beautiful Girls Date: You Can Be One
Choosing Sex Toys and Caring For Them
Hugh Hefner’s Best Friend
The Uselessness of Wealth Without Women
Sex And Scent, Your Personal Pheromones
Sexuality - Have You Got It? Absolutely!
Power and Success With Beautiful Women
What a Smart Man Would Do If He Won the Lottery
Are You a Loser Who Can't Get Laid?
Happy Birthday Hef—Hugh Hefner
A Playmate of Your Own
Get Lucky Offers Sex Machines, Sybians, Electrosex Devices And A Rating Service To Boot!
Single guys (married and engaged not excluded), who's that lady?
The Top Places to Pick Up Girls
How to Pick Up Girls By Eric Weber
Why Do Some Men’s Sex Drive Drop off at 40?
Sexual Satisfaction
Mid Life Crisis SOLUTION
Why Google Is the Number 1 Search Engine World Wide
Playboys Are Nice Guys Too
Elvis Preston King Has Left the Building
The Insecurity Blanket: Pillow-Talk Your Worries Away
Shaving Your Pubic Hair
Learn This Rare But Simple Seduction Formula in 12 Minutes
Transform your Sex Life!
Gay & Lesbian Support: Closets are for brooms, not people.
Atomic Debuts the largest selection of Sexy Leather Lingerie for the Modern Woman
Why Are Your Erections Not Getting Any Harder?
How to Kiss a Women!
Homosexual Dating - Truth and Connection
Better Orgasm ~ Tongue Action For Her
Give The Ladies What They Want (Chapter Two)
Give The Ladies What They Want (Chapter One)
Better Orgasm - Mouth Action For Him
Dating Advice for Men: Why Some Women Like 'Em Younger
Forget About Your Erection Problem Permanently
The Welcomed Method - Make Her Delirious With Pleasure
Bachelors Which Do You Prefer Barely 18 or Over 40?
Self -Pleasure Tips for Women ~ Private Fantasies
Self -Pleasure Tips for Women ~ Using Your Hands and Fingers
The World’s Top Pick-up Artist
Meditating for Sexual Desire
Sexual Attraction and Scent
What's It All About For Men Over FIFTY?
Latin Dating - Beauty and Romance
When it comes to Multicultural Dating The Most Important Ingredient is Love
Buying Sex Toys Online - Is It A Good Idea?
Is Viagra only an ED drug?
Long Live Viagra!
A Peep into the Trademark Name of Viagra
Sexual Fantasies: Psychological Phenomena
The G-Spot Exposed
Anal Sex For Dummies - Tips
Finding the g-spot
Exercises for better sex
How to Get a Woman to Treat You the Way You Deserve
Are You Making These Body Language Mistakes With Your Hands?
How To Make A Woman Trust You Completely
Guide to the Best Free Adult Sites
The World's Top Pick-up Artist
The Art of Foreplay
Viagra has Revolutionized the Lives of the Elderly
How many girlfriends have you had in your life?
Analyzing The Drama Queen And A Woman's I.Q. Test
Thrill Sex
Satisfaction, guaranteed.
Beachwood Sportsbook and Casino
Picking up Girls Made Easy
Uncredited article usage
Desperate to Get Laid
Sexual Attraction… I Slept With Elvis
Are You a Wussie Who Can’t Get Laid?
Seize Your Dream
Chic Magnet
Pick up Artist stops the sale of adult DVD’s in accordance with the recent High Court ruling. starts work on Guide to Sex Shop Products. offers leather fetish gear at a discount.
The Smell of Sex and More offers lingerie for larger ladies at a discount.
Disabled Dating
Get Laid on Your First Date
MORAL ARMOR on Predational Pregnancy
Choosing the Right Sex Toy
Bondage Safety and Guidelines
Cunnlingus: The Formal Name for Female Oral Sex
Fellatio: To Give and To Recieve
Spice up the bedroom!!!
Sex and Lovemaking: Is There a Difference
Donald Trump You’re Fired!
The Pick-up Guru
Michael Jackson
Hail to the KING
Best Sexual Positions ~ Spicy Up the Woman on Her Back Position
Average Guy Hot Women
The Secrets to Being a Happy Bachelor
The Act of Being Physical
Aging Playboys and Aging Wussies
Soul Mate
Hoot Holler and Honk
Are You a Winner Who Can't get Laid?
Pick up Girl
What is Sex Addiction?
Stretching with Your Golf Partner
Beauty as a Sexual Object
Dialogue on Sex
How to Pick up Girls
Why Girls Fall For Playboys and Unavailable Guys
What to do when sex turns out not so great!
Free Love is Free Expression
The Good the Bad and the Ugly and Dating
One Night Stands
Discover The Secret Power of Sexual Perception
How To Get Your Girlfriend Back Using One Red Bubble
Mainstream Press and Elvis Preston King
Living Life to the Fullest as a Playboy
Rabbit Vibrator Specialist Area Launched
Dating Women From Russia. Important Tips The Marriage Agencies Never Tell You
Do All Russian Women Want To Escape From Russia ???
Discover The Shocking Truth About Russian Women.
Sex Between Older Men and Much Younger Women
This Magic Moment
Eternal Bachelors
Preparation Before Tattooing
Choose Your Very Best Mattress
Stress and Sexual Weakness in Men
Are You Happier Drinking Beer With Your Buddies than Getting Laid?
Bras Men Like
Gay, Single, & Loving It!
Fear of Rejection with Women
Modern Sexual Taboos and Their Morality
Sexism and Sexuality
Women and Power
A Vision of a New Morality
The Intimacy of Children
The Plight of the Pedophile
Pornography Addiction
Pornsite Review: Hammer Time
Furvert: Part 1 in an Investigative Series of Obscure Sexual Fetishes
It's All Porn and Games 'Til Someone Gets Hurt
Zenegra is quickly becoming the new choice for treating erectile dysfunction and sexual function problems in men
Top 2 Secret Ways To Become Irresistibly Magnetic To A Woman In Less Than 72 Hours
The Joy of Tantric Massage
Stockings – Getting a Leg Up, Again
Halloween Lingerie – Leave the Kids at Home
Introducing Lingerie to Your Lover
Leather Lingerie-Not Just For B&D
Porn Policing: The Good, the Bad, and the Very Busy
Gay Does Not Equal Porn
Out of Luck with Women
The Worlds Number 1 Wingman
Sex or Gender
Give Women What They Want and They’ll Give YOU What You Want
Playboys, Wealthy Men and Happiness
Frustrated with NO Women in Your Life?
The Porn Addiction Supplement, Chapter I
The Porn Addiction Supplement, Chapter II
(Do) I Want My XTV (?)
The (not so) Naked City
Pick up Artist for Hire
Tips for Sexual Health and Happiness for the Aging Gentleman
The King of Seduction Manipulates Women Like Women Have Always Manipulated Men
Grand Master Pick up Artist
Latino Men Often Attracted To Older White Males
5 Insider Beauty Secrets Other Women Don’t Want You To Know! Part 1
Dirty Old Men and Sex
Sex- A naked violence or an eternal truth
Porn DVD Review: 1 Night In Paris
Looner: Part 2 in an Investigative Series of Obscure Sexual Fetishes
Cumming to Fast?
The Sperm Cell: An Overview
Porn DVD Review: Deep Throat
Two Sex Starved Women And A Sailor
Skyrocket Your Ejaculation
Multiple Orgasms
Problems Women Have Ejaculating
The Chemistry of True Love
Adult DVD Review: The New Devil In Miss Jones
Why Humans Make Lousy Lovers
Elvis's Secret to Success with Women
Move Fast and with Purpose with Women
Bowing Before False Pick up Gurus
Silence Elvis by Alberto Prince
Loserboy Vs Loverboy
Give The Ladies What They Want (Chapter Three The Conclusion)
You Never Get to the Top in the Game
Advice from the King on Dating Younger Women
Get Laid Workshops
Splosher: Part 3 in an Investigative Series of Obscure Sexual Fetishes
Going All The Way
Prince of Seduction
List of the World's Top Pickup Artists
Can America keep up?
How to Get Laid Now
Readers of Romance Novels Have Better Sex Lives
Don't Try This at Home
Best Job in the World
Prizeability with Women
Will cybersex ruin humanity?
How to Get Laid
The Smoking Fetish: Is It The Newest Form Of Sexual Stimulation?
How to Get Her Pants Down and Her Panties Off
Hey Girls - Let's All Look Like Guys!
How I Spiced Up My Sex Life By Blowing Smoke In My Lover's Face
How To Make A Woman Desire You More Sexually!
My Wife's Extra Pounds Are a Turn Off
Make Rejection Your Best Friend
Stop Pornographic Material!
Tips For Finding Apartments For Rent
Retirement and the Single Man
Sacred Sex
3 Tips On How To Effectively Overcome Premature Ejaculation
Porn Video: Pros & Cons
Choosing a Sex Toy Right for You
Making Love Help: How To Give Her The Best Sex Ever
I Slept with Him - Now He's Distant. What Did I do Wrong?
Are You Sexually Addicted?
Sexual Abuse
When To Have Sex in a New Relationship
My Boyfriend Gives me Screaming Orgasms Daily
Hypnosis – 5 Key Techniques to Enjoy Your Sexual Life to the Maximum Height
When Your Sexuality Intimidates Your Man
Pleasuring Him With Sexciting Talk
Explore Your Hidden Sexual Fantasies
The Syphilitic Narcissist
Natural ways to boost your sexual power in Autumn.
How to make your sperm taste better?
Women Too Have the Right to Have Sexual Fantasies
Pubic Hair Styles - Some Common Bikini Waxing Styles and Pubic Hair Shaving Styles
Sex Can Get Better As You Approach Mid-Life
5 Sex Position Mistakes You Need To Fix Tonight
Where Women Go Wrong - Mistakes Women Make With Men
How to Initiate Sexual Contact with a Woman
3 Quick Ways to Fix Your Sexual Problems
Who Do You Trust When Buying Human Pheromones Products?
Sexcitement - How to Keep Your Sex Life Exciting
The 5 Sex Foreplay Steps For Giving Her a Mind Blowing Orgasm
Swingers: Dating Lifestyle
7 Psychic Tips - to Seduce the Opposite Sex
3 Adult Sex Games to Play with Women- Part 1
3 Couples Sex Games to Instantly Spice Up Your Life
Spicing up your relationship
Live Out Your Sexual Fantasies Through Role Playing
Spice It Up By Talking Dirty in the Bedroom
Learn How to Touch a Woman and You Will Please Her Every Time
Simple Steps To Becoming Sexually Appealing
Summer and Lingerie
Three Tarot Cards Interpreted: The Emperor, Star, and Lovers
Swinging vs Polyamory - Can You REALLY Have One Without the Other? (Video)
Three Fun Sex Games You Can Play With Your Woman
All The Sex You Want With The Most Popular Pheromones!
Are You Looking For Sexual Enhancement Herbs? Here Is A Little Help.
500 Sex Tips and Love Making Secrets That Everyone Ought to Know
If You Want To Have Sex- Always Have These Items
Sex Tips - The REAL Secret to Sexual Confidence (Video)
A Complete Sex Guide: The G-Spot For Beginners
3 Sex Games For Couples To Light Each Others Fire
5 Sex Secrets She Will Never Reveal To You
Lying and Dishonesty: Are You in a Toxic Relationship? (Video)
How to improve semen - sperm taste
Men's Early Ejaculations, Women's Late Orgasms… Sex Is A Serious Work!
Anal Sex - The irresistible call of tightness!
Swinger Sex Partners: Should We Try a Threesome or a Foursome? (Video)
5 Sexual Activities That Turn Off Women
Swinger Seduction - How Can I Tell If Our Friends Want to Play? (Video)
Seducing Your Man: In Bed And Out Of It
What Attracts a Man to a Woman
Lost in techniques? All about how to orgasm!
The Exotic Look and Classic Beauty that Exudes from Carmen Electra is Exhiliating
Love Quotes Inspired by Love
The G-Spot and Sexuality
Make Your Honeymoon Lively With Skirts!
Low Libido? Turbo-Charge Your Sex Life
BUSTED! Our Kids Found Out We’re Swingers. Now What? (Video)
Female Orgasm and Oral Sex? What’s a Girlfriend to do? (Video)
Swinging vs. Polyamory - Am I Wrong to Want One Without the Other?
Self-Judgment and Sexual Addiction

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