A sample of a great mail for online hookups

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Now this email speaks of a man who has been to Puerto Rico, can talk about traveling. Had photos in his profile to back up his claims and is available.

If you are wondering what a great email could entice women to looking at your profile and checking out your stuff to agreeing to hook-up with you is made of,Guest Posting then you are reading the right article. Sending the very first email to the girl you want to hook-up with is the first step into having a wonderful experience with online hookups. Just remember that it’s never really anything personal and you can have women or men or both (depending on your preference) lining up on your revolving door.Emails are great as it is the first way of communication that you want to start with any woman. Don’t wait for them to approach if you want to have an active life in online hookups. You should be the one making the move. You are the hunter here and your first line of weapon is well, sending emails.A great tip for sending these emails is to be short and sweet. Try out this one “You remind me of someone I met in Puerto Rico. She was very interesting and also liked _______. I’d love to chat so why not check me out or hit me up when you’re online? I won’t bite. Promise.”Now this email speaks of a man who has been to Puerto Rico, can talk about traveling. Had photos in his profile to back up his claims and is available.You can create an email like that but be sure when you are mentioning a sport or field adventure, you have the photos to back you up showing your face clearly and body. It doesn’t have to be your whole body on the photo. Make it clear, show your face because if you don’t people might suspicious that you are trying to hide something. So be cautious of these details.Another great email goes like this:“Hey, I like your surfing photo. I also surf around (Insert Area here). I’d like to get a surfing buddy why don’t you hit me up?”Here is a message that speaks confidence and interest in the same hobby. It’s simple, friendly and easy to read. Having emails like this will peak your online hookups and keep the people coming.Online hookups shouldn’t be something to fear especially when sending these sorts of emails but remember that not all girls would respond to your mails. Accept it and move on.

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