Does Your Business Currently Advertise Online?

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Are you looking for ways to increase public awareness of your physical business? Is your advertising and marketing budget fairly limited, thanks to the fact that business is slow?

Do you want your business to grow quickly in a short amount of time? Are you looking for new ways to advertise that will be more effective than a radio announcement,Guest Posting a TV spot, or a billboard? If so, then you will find that advertising online is the solution to your problems. If your business doesn't advertise online, it will have far less chance for success than you could give it if you took the time to do so.

Why to Advertise Online?

The question of why to advertise online is an easy one to answer with just five words: a wider range of effectiveness. If you have a billboard in the most public place in the largest city in the world, you will only have 28 million or so people see that billboard every day. The same people will see the same billboard every day, and they will eventually get sick of seeing it. Your exposure will be limited to the number of people that drive, walk, or fly by that specific billboard, and overall you will only achieve limited results.

750 million people have registered accounts on Facebook, and a huge number of those people use the site on a daily basis. Google's search engine is used by no fewer than 100 million people at least every day, and YouTube receives at least a million different searches per day. These are just the main websites on the internet, so imagine how many people use Twitter, Yahoo!, Digg, and all of the second placed websites. The amount of exposure that you can have by using the internet as a marketing platform will blow your mind, and you will find that starting to advertise online can have the widest reaching effect.

Rather than being limited to physical ads placed in certain parts of the city, you will find that advertising online enables you to reach people of all ages, sexes, religions, races, and professions around the world. After all, everyone who goes online to shop for sports shoes is going to search for "sports shoes", everyone who goes online to look for information on cancer will do a search with the word "cancer" in it, and everyone who wants to find tickets to a concert will do a search for "concert tickets".

The internet is one of the most reliable means that you have of driving traffic to a website, and giving your business a presence on the web through a website is the best way to grow your business. With roughly 1 billion people using the internet every day, imagine if you could even get 1% of 1% of the people in the world to visit your website. You are still getting 100,00 people to your website every day, and that is massive potential.

How to Advertise Online?

Obviously you are not going to get 100,000 people to your site every day, but imagine if you could even get 100. Of those 100, if even 1 person per day is interested in your business, that will still be 30 new clients a month. For businesses selling high priced items, that is more than enough to be a significant growth for their business. Even if your business sells small, low cost items, you may easily be able to increase your clients every month greatly simply by starting to advertise online.

Knowing how to advertise online is far beyond your comprehension, and many people dedicate their lives studying how to use the internet to advertise online. Hiring an internet marketing company is the best solution to help you advertise online, but here are some of the best ways that you can advertise online to help drive customers to your website:

Email newsletters are some of the most effective tools to use to help you advertise online. By signing people up to your email newsletter list, you are able to send out regular newsletters that will provide them with valuable information, as well as interest them in your product or services.

Facebook is the largest social network on the web, and the 750 million users on the site can be a great potential customer base for your business. Using ads on Facebook is an excellent way to help drive more clients to your website.

Twitter is a great site for those who like to share thoughts and frequent updates for their friends, but it has become one of the best social media sites to use to advertise online.

SlideShare is like YouTube, but is for PowerPoint presentations. If you can make these PowerPoint presentations, you will find that posting them on SlideShare with a link back to your website will be a great way to advertise online for your business.

Blogs are a great way to share what you think in a public diary, but they can also be used to help establish credibility for businesses. Providing valuable information via a blog can help you to gather people interested in what you have to share with them, and you can provide a link to your website where they can find out more about your business and how it can help meet their needs.

If you have talent for writing, you will find that article marketing is one of the best ways to spread word of your business' website and advertise online. People are constantly searching for information on every topic, and helping provide people with the information they are looking for is a great way to promote your website. All you need to do is write articles, submit them to various directories, and create a link to your website inside the text of the article. Everyone who reads the article will be see the link, and you will find that many people will click on the link to visit your website.

The most important thing to remember is that you will need an online presence, and creating a good website for your business it the best way to do so.

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