How To Use Trade Show Exhibits To Reinforce Your Branding

Aug 22


Chris Harmen

Chris Harmen

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Trade show exhibits provide an excellent opportunity to increase your brand presence.

Building trade show stands for conferences offers more opportunity than just making sales or finding warm leads. Using a trade show exhibit to elevate a company's branding adds an extra element that can help further increase its return on investment. Many companies miss this chance to give visitors to their booth an 'experience' instead of just another booth visit. Mismanaging this aspect of your next conference can cost valuable consumer loyalty,How To Use Trade Show Exhibits To Reinforce Your Branding Articles which is hard to gain yet easy to lose.

Thoughtful Use Of Branding Within Trade Show Exhibits

It's quite easy to get carried away with customizable banners, signs, promotional giveaways, uniforms, and other parts of trade show stands. Keeping the space visually uncluttered and focused on a single highlight is going to be much more effective than mowing visitors down with your message. If you utilize a table top display, ensure that it's relevant to the product or message, as opposed to including it because it has the company's logo. Consider the overall visual aesthetic before adding each additional piece. Ask an objective third party to evaluate trade show displays to make sure you're not subjectively judging.

Trade Show Stands Should Be Experiences, Not Stores

You hear it over and over, customers want to buy but they don't want to be sold. This means that staffers in a booth need to use restraint and read visitor cues to determine when to approach and when to leave people to their own devices. This means that a conference area needs to be a true experience for those who go through it. For a consumer to form brand loyalty, they need to enjoy the feeling they get when dealing with a certain company or product. They will remember the experiences that stand out to them, both positive and negative: consider this when in the designing stages and think of what visitors will feel as they go through it. It should be visually appealing, mentally engaging, interesting, thought-provoking, and be a call to action all on its own.

Memorability Means Effective Branding

Conferences are a whirlwind for the senses. With each new booth visitors are inundated with new messages, products, companies, and people trying to get and maintain their attention. This is where concentrating the message down to something that is simple yet memorable will pack the biggest punch. A table top display that is interactive and meaningful will do more to imprint a particular branding message than an overly cluttered design. If you insist on having a giveaway or a takeaway, make it something small yet useful. Too many companies give away meaningless flair that is just thrown away once the conference is over.

Consistency Keeps Them Coming Back

Be sure of the logo and the visual image of the branding before a trade show exhibit is designed. Maintain the same colors, fonts, proportion, and shapes. Think of the 'big' brands in America like Coca-Cola, McDonalds, or even Subway. These companies all have one thing in common: simple but memorable branding. They achieve this by finding a powerhouse combination of vision and message that sticks with consumers. The consumers themselves are incredibly visual and will remember something that is consistent and identifiable with a certain brand or product. Using similar colors and accents to subtly yet effectively reinforce your image in the booth will be of great benefit.

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