What makes influencer marketing the best channel to reach out to potential clients during this tough

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“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.”, says the Marketing Expert Seth Godin.

It is no secret that social media has gained a lot of popularity lately. The landscape provides personal and commercial leisure. Earlier,Guest Posting businesses resorted to paid advertising on social media as a marketing strategy, but since paid ad costs rose on these platforms over the period, people wanted an alternative. This is where Influencer Marketing comes into the picture.


Read on to learn more about influencer marketing, why should you do it in the current pandemic situation and how to plan it.


A Brief Overview About Influencer Marketing

It is a brilliant strategy which the businesses use to promote their products and services by collaborating with popular social media bloggers or content creators having a great audience. They are called influencers because they have established credibility for their knowledge and expertise in a particular field along with a remarkable social influence.   


Now, if you are looking for a rock-solid way to make your products or services visible to a larger audience, look for no one other than someone who already has their eyes and ears. Influencer Marketing is a great way to increase brand awareness, build credibility, reach a new audience and even drive sales. 


It’s easy to comprehend that influencer marketing is your opportunity to seize your audience’s attention. Now the real question remains where is it heading, and more so, how should you capitalise it?


Why should you do Influencer marketing Now- during and post Covid-19?


Even when there was no Covid-19, people were opting and benefitting from Influencer Marketing, but now is the best time to explore and use it, if you haven’t yet. Though the current pandemic situation is unfortunate, there is a silver lining to it.


  • As businesses all over the world suffer temporary lockdown and social distancing restrictions, more and more people are shopping online. This makes it the best time to have your presence felt online to the masses. And, thanks to Influencer Marketing, you don’t have to worry about finding the interested audience; the influencers have plenty of them. This way, you can grow your social following while also increasing site traffic.


  • If you invest in Influencer Marketing now, you’ll be able to attract new audience and sales as things start to reopen gradually. Because now is the best time to have influencers showcase your products and services as their audience are watching them more and tuning in each day for inspiration and entertainment.


  • At the core, influencer marketing is about leveraging the trust influencers have with their audience. By showing your products or services to their audience, an influencer is giving a thumbs up to your brand. When people see their admired person using your products or services, they are much more likely to use the same. This, of course, leads to more organic traffic and eventually might lead to some conversion.


  • The pandemic has also resulted in big brands postponing and cancelling their influencer marketing campaigns. Now, at this point, if you get in touch with influencers related to your niche, you might be able to negotiate down the road.


Simply put: Influencer Marketing is the best channel of marketing in the current situation. 



The perfect Strategy 


It is all about finding the right influencers who create a content parallel to your brand’s purpose and niche. It is also important to choose an influencer who can talk about your products or services most naturally and engagingly.


Now you either opt for Discount codes and affiliate marketing using custom URLs and exclusive discount codes, or you can go for contests and Giveaways. Whatever method you choose, know for a fact that Influencer Marketing is the need of the hour if you want to gain greater brand exposure and higher organic traffic. 








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