Getting More Fibre in Your Diet

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If you read our review of the appetite suppressant Appesat you will know that rather than taking Appesat we recommend UniqueHoodia. There are several reasons for this (see our appesat review for all the reasons) but one big reason is that essentially all Appesat does is give you a boost of fibre in your diet. 

Fibre is a natural appetite suppressant which is why you will often see high-fibre cereals advertising that they can keep you full until lunch. It goes without saying that an increase in your fibre intake can be achieved with a few simple (and much cheaper than Appesat) changes in your diet. Making a change to your diet can,Guest Posting at first, seem like a tough thing to do. However, a few small changes over time and you will soon have increased your fibre intake and start feeling the benefits of appetite suppression.Before we provide you with some suggestions on how to incorporate more fibre in to your diet let’s first look at what fibre is and what its health benefits are.Fibre is made up of several complex carbohydrates and can either be soluble or insoluble. Unlike most other foods we consume, fibre contains no calories, vitamins or minerals and therefore passes through your body without being digested. This is also why people suffering from constipation are encouraged to eat more fibre (or roughage as it is also known).If you are thinking you can gain fibre from eating meat then you are sadly mistaken. Fibre only exists in the cell walls of plants, therefore things like fruit, vegetables, and grain are all commonly high in fibre.In addition to the appetite suppression and therefore weight loss benefits, fibre also offers other health benefits. It is known to help reduce the risks of bowel problems such as haemorrhoids and cancer of the bowel and colon. It also helps to stabilise blood sugar levels and reduce blood cholesterol levels.As you can see, the benefits of a high-fibre diet stretch much further than just helping you to control your appetite and lose weight. Therefore even if you are happy with your current weight a little more fibre in your diet can only be a good thing.With this in mind here are some simple meal ideas to help you begin to increase your daily fibre intake:Breakfast:Wholemeal toastWheat or grain based cerealBran muffinsPorridge oatsPure fruit smoothieLunch:Sandwiches made with wholemeal breadAny vegetable soup with wholemeal breadBeans on wholemeal toastWholegrain pasta saladNuts and seedsFruit SaladDinner:Wholegrain pasta or rice with a sauce of your choiceVegetable stir fryBean or vegetable Enchiladas (use wholemeal tortillas)Vegetable chilli with kidney beansBy now you can probably see how easy it is to get more fibre in your diet and why we advise against spending money on Appesat. If you want to suppress your appetite then there is no better option than taking UniqueHoodia. Of course you can combine UniqueHoodia with a change to a high-fibre diet if you wish but it is not essential to help you lose weight.Go here =>>> thank you for taking the time to read this short report 

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