Groundbreaking Business Course Gives Step By Step Guide To Guaranteed Christmas Cheer

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As the 2008 Christmas season draws nearer, a pioneering holiday lighting business course has been released to the public. Entrepreneur Tanner Larsson’s new turn key business course, known as ‘Cashing in on Christmas’ provides step by step training on how to set up a successful Christmas light installation business from the home, without the extensive learning curve most start ups face.

Because the Cashing in on Christmas course is not part of a franchise,Guest Posting there are no ‘higher powers’ to give a share of the revenue or royalties to, so profit made is profit kept and conduct is up to the individual business owner. The course is already proving to be very popular as it offers customers the chance to start a business from their own home, being their own boss, following their own schedule and with no qualifications or degrees required. In fact, all that’s needed to set up a Christmas lighting business is determination and the course itself. Considering most people are rushed off their feet at Christmas, but still want their homes filled with cheer, the market for a service which decorates and lights up homes and businesses is huge“Using what Cashing in on Christmas teaches we added Christmas light installation to our winter business and now I’ve turned my slowest time of the year into my most profitable time of the year. In fact, this winter instead of laying off employees, I had to hire more!” – Steven Alderman, Classy Grass (and Classy Holiday Lighting)Giving keen entrepreneurs the best start in their venture, the ‘Cashing in on Christmas’ course includes four book volumes:1. Operations Manual - Covers everything you could ever need to know about running a holiday lighting business2. Estimating Manual – Teaches proper bidding techniques for commercial and residential lighting jobs3. Complete Marketing System – How to promote a business and get customers piling in4. Installation Manual – Step-by-step guides on the physical installation of all types of Christmas lightsAlongside these manuals comes a kit with every type of business form and marketing material needed to start the ball rolling, keep it going, and a guarantee for updates whenever they come out, for life. The key to Cashing in on Christmas’ success is the fact that this is a tried and tested business plan. It is based on a proven business in an industry where supply has not been able to keep up with demand, and now everyone is being given the chance to follow suit and start their own holiday lighting business.“It’s about time someone came out with a business success system for the holiday lighting market without forcing you to buy a franchise. This is the kind of quality education that you usually have to pay a consultant tens of thousands of dollars for. Anyone can take this course and use it to create a healthy business and a substantial income.” - Alex Dwyer, Service Business Strategies ConsultantReleased well in time for the Christmas season 2008, Cashing in on Christmas is the budding business owner’s answer to earning a six figure income in less than three months. It comes in the form of Tanner Larsson’s comprehensive guide to starting a Christmas Light Installation business and all four volumes plus business forms kit, marketing materials and lifetime updates are now available to buy online from >>>

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