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This is where you should concentrate your initial research efforts. You waste your time and money. Do you need help in finding and creating a super domain name. Take the time to read this article to get tips for creating a domain that can get to first page Google.

The backlinking process or the creation of backlinks has changed as we go into the year 2012. There are now many ways to create backlinking to boost your pages to first position Google. There are many of the old ways that still need to be done,Guest Posting but new ways of backlinking have to done also. But the first thing you need to do is get a good keyword and domain.

So here’s how I go about getting my sites to first page Google. It all starts with choosing the right keyword for your site. The keyword has to be incorporated into the domain name. And, I found that it is best to have only .com, .org or .net with no added dashes, letters or numbers; here is an example, use not or

If you put dashes or extra numbers or letters, it will take you longer to get your site to the first page Google, since you will have to do more backlinking. If I can’t find a domain name with the .com, .net, .org, just go on and look for another keyword. Also some SEO experts say not to put a brand name in your keyword like because the company may track you down and ask you to stop using their name.

If I find a keyword that I like and it’s like I check the first three pages of Google and see if other internet marketers have use this brand in their domain. I may find a domain listed like and I see that the site does not belong to kitchenaid and i see other domains like this, then I feel comfortable using this brand name in a domain name.

Once I did use a domain name with a brand and I simply got an email from their lawyer telling me to find another domain name and to stop using that one. No big deal, just lost money for the domain name and for any backlinking promotion that was done.

I like to target both specific products as keywords. When I do this and it’s like I only do this if the Google keyword tool bar searches are 1000 exact searches and above. If I do not target a brand and use, this will allow me to find a product that is a cooking tool and promote it on this page. But, I would not do backlinking for the keyword kitchen cooking tools. I would do back links for the product name that I am promoting, for example, Costco coffee maker.

Once you have determined that you have a good domain name and it has a lot of searches, you need to go to Google search engine and see how many searches there are for the keyword you have chosen. Choose those keywords with under 1,000,000 and when you check for the keyword in quotes choose one that is under 500,000. This check is also critical.

Some experts say to choose keywords in quotes that are under 200,000. The lower this number the faster you will get to first page Google, but make sure you have 1000 exact searches and the more the better.

So the secret here, if you want to do less work doing backlinking to get to first page Google is to find keywords with a lot of searches, and where in quotes in the Google search the total is under 200,000. But you must also have keyword in a .com, .net, or .org domain without added numbers or dashes.

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