7 Signs of Transmission Trouble- You May Need the Help of an Auto Repair Mechanic!

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Is your transmission acting up? If so, you may need the help of an experienced auto repair mechanic. Here are 7 signs of a transmission problem.

The transmission is a crucial part of your automobile. Transmission failure means that your vehicle can't be driven until your transmission is replaced or repaired. Being aware of the early warning signs will help you avoid costly repair bills and important safety issues. Here are the symptoms of a transmission problem. There are numerous warning signs that a transmission needs attention.

Rough Shifting

Abrupt shifting between gears is a sign of a transmission problem. A damaged transmission may give your vehicle a jerky action when shifting gears. Additionally,Guest Posting there should not be any jerky movements or clunking sounds when the car is shifted from park.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

Small drops of fluid under your vehicle may not be a serious problem. However, puddles deserve immediate attention. The larger the fluid leak, the more important it is to have the transmission checked out by an auto repair mechanic. If you find a red-colored puddle under your vehicle, visit an auto repair mechanic for an inspection. If your fluid is leaking, it needs to be inspected and restored.

Unusual Sounds

A transmission that is starting to show signs of damage or wear will make noises when the vehicle shifts between gears. A heavy-knocking sound is a sign of a transmission problem. A grinding noise is also an indication of a transmission problem. In addition, clunking, grinding, and other unusual noises when shifting gears can mean that your transmission fluid level is low.


Slippage means that the engine that speeds up your vehicle is not responding accordingly. This is a sign of a damaged transmission. The transmission can slip while in gear or while shifting. This means that the vehicle isn't shifting quickly and firmly like it normally does. If you are experiencing sliding and slipping, you may not make it to your destination. Don't ignore this problem. Consult with a trustworthy auto repair mechanic.

Delayed Response

A delayed response when you shift gears is a sign that the transmission is failing or has failed. Vehicles with automatic transmissions should shift gears without a delay. If you have to wait for the vehicle to move, you may have a serious problem with your transmission.

Burnt Toast Smell or Smoke

Transmission fluid is red in color. If you check the fluid and it appears dark or brown in color, it could be a sign of a problem. Dark fluid usually gives off an odor that smells like burnt oil. Smoke can also be a sign of a transmission problem. If you notice these signs, you need to replace the fluid.

Low Transmission fluid

The transmission fluid keeps internal parts lubricated and it allows the car to move forward and backward. If you don't have a leak but the fluid continues to run low, your transmission may be burning fluid and overheating. Transmission failure is usually avoidable if you keep the fluids in check. Fluid levels must be maintained or the transmission will eventually stop working.

If you think you have a problem with your transmission, take your vehicle to an automobile repair shop. Taking care of transmission problems immediately can mean the difference between replacing the transmission or repairing it.

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