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Many senior citizens are trying so hard to adjust to a new life on a fixed income and a budget that has been steadily dwindling in size over the past two years. Being one of the hardest hit demographics in this economic down turn, seniors are in need of cost cutting ideas that will enable them to stretch their finances as far as possible, while hopefully allowing them to maintain a reasonably comfortable lifestyle. Oil change coupons are one way to help those folks on a budget remain on it.

eople with retirement portfolios have not fared well in this economy,Guest Posting and many senior citizens are finding it difficult to get by on the new budget they find themselves forced to adapt to. Faced with cutbacks on all sides, depreciation of stocks and property and an ever fluctuating stock market , seniors who thought they had planned well for their retirement are now worried about the future, in areas both big and small. People who have never used a coupon are now clipping, printing and searching out discounts for everything, including oil change coupons.

Many seniors have worked long and hard to pay off their home and car and are diligent about staying out of debt. Regularly scheduled auto maintenance for their car is taken very seriously and upkeep is not postponed because the car is required to perform at an optimal level in order to get them to the store, doctor appointments and any travel plans in the near future. Car maintenance is not cheap, so while oil change coupons found online, in weekly mailers or the daily newspaper may have been ignored a year ago, they are now being clipped and tacked to the refrigerator, ready for the next service visit.

In order to stretch their retirement budget a little further, and to possibly avoid some costly repairs on a larger, luxury automobile, some seniors will make the decision to trade in their older car for a smaller, more compact fuel efficient vehicle. Many of these automobiles make use of a full-flow fuel system that requires an oil change every 3,000 miles in order to function properly – so those oil change coupons will come in handy! While this maintenance schedule requires more frequent appointments to ensure proper care than an older model automobile might call for, money will be recouped in fewer trips made to fuel up the car, as well as with this new vehicle being under warranty, meaning any repairs / recalls will not mean out of pocket expenses for the owners. Some people may even receive a tax incentive for purchasing a new hybrid vehicle.

Clipping coupons may not be something many seniors have done in the past but this could be a new “hobby” that many soon learn to enjoy. With savings available on nearly every manufactures website as a download and print coupon, discounts received via emails, clip and saves in the mid-week and weekend newspapers, and weekly mailers sent to every home, stores, restaurants and entertainment franchises are eager to draw in customers. Since most homes have at least one car parked in the driveway those oil change coupons are likely to be redeemed by many drivers.

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