The Who's & What's of Auto Repair

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Who and what can you transport after auto repair? Here are some things to think about.

There are lots of passengers and cargo that can be transported once a person has had auto repair performed on his or her vehicle. Cars aren't just for getting to work anymore. Once they've been fixed and maintained,Guest Posting those tires can haul people and things all over the place. Here are some ideas about who you can transport and what you can haul once you've gotten your automotive problems sorted out with routine auto repair at the mechanics' garage:

Who: Do you mainly use your vehicle to drive your lone self to work and back? Well, that's boring. No wonder you feel cranky when you have to shell out your hard earned dollars to service the thing. There are lots of more exciting people to transport if you just tap into your creativity for a minute. Here are a few passengers you might consider transporting, maybe they'll even offer to pay for your auto repair:

- Hitchhikers: Have you ever wondered what the story is behind some of the hitchhikers you see standing on the sides of the road with their thumbs out? Now's your chance to find out. Most individuals have some amazing life stories and in exchange for a ride, you'll get to hear an assortment of them. Caution: Be sure you can defend yourself just in case this passenger tells you he or she recently escaped from prison or a mental institution.

- Airport shuttle: You can do some good deeds and random acts of kindness by shuttling strangers as well as friends and family to the airport. Just let everyone know by word-of-mouth or Craigslist that you're available during X hours to get them to the airport on time. You can take a vicarious journey through each and every one of them as you drop them off curbside.

- Carpool with fellow workmates: You can save fuel costs and get to know a bit more about your co-workers by taking turns driving each other to and from work. This type of togetherness can be interesting, to say the least. You'll get to find out about each others' driving habits and quirks, like never before.

What you can haul: Think your vehicle is too small to haul much? Actually, with a bit of creative maneuvering, your economy auto will be able to haul more cargo than you ever imagined.

- Lumber from Home Depot: Think that Toyota Corolla isn't up to hauling lumber? Think again. Just open up the side window to let some of the 10' expanses stick out; hold on to it and you're in business.

- Rebar: Do you have a landscaping project that requires long sticks of metallic rebar? You don't even need a truck. Strap it on to the roof and attach a pink or red flag to it and you're off.

- Animals: You can haul a pack of dogs that you're fostering to and from the adoption site every weekend. A dust buster and a dangling cardboard pine tree doused with scent will get rid of the smell and hair - no problem!

Once you've gotten your automobile running well with auto repair, you can transport lots of interesting folks and haul more cargo than you might have imagined. Happy trails!

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