Why Buy Fuel Efficient SUVs

Apr 30


Cedric Loiselle

Cedric Loiselle

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In the United States, fuel efficient SUVs and cars are foreseen to set a record of more than 14 million unit sales this 2012, after achieving 12.8 mil...


In the United States, fuel efficient SUVs and cars are foreseen to set a record of more than 14 million unit sales this 2012,Why Buy Fuel Efficient SUVs Articles after achieving 12.8 million last year and 10.4 million the year before. The figures are optimistic, as well, in the United Kingdom, with 46.8% of 2011’s car sales comprising of units with a fuel economy of 130 grams per kilometer. Ever since the green movement’s popularization in 2006, people have now turned to the use of hybrid cars and suburban vehicles like the Ford Escape, Hyundai Tucson and Toyota Prius. Much of this shift in preference has been attributed to the following reasons:

1. Helps decrease CO2 emissions. The United States ranks second in the list of countries that have the most CO2 emissions. As record states, it has contributed as much as 18.11% of the total global greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which is equivalent to 5,461,014 metric tons. This is largely the reason why violent climatic changes have occurred over the past ten years. With the use of fuel efficient vehicles, less gas volume is used up; fewer smog-producing by-products are released, leading to cleaner tail pipes and inevitably, cleaner air.

2. Gets better gas mileage. A more fuel efficient car runs further with a smaller amount of gas. Therefore, you can go as far as 30 miles for just one gallon. This naturally translates to more savings, since you only need to spend money just enough to get you where you want to go. You will, more or less, get the same results, whether you are driving on the highway or in the city.

3. Insurance discounts and federal tax credits. There are a lot of insurance companies today that offer discounted coverage rates for those who buy fuel efficient cars. Since they are less powerful, there are fewer tendencies for drivers to go out of control and engage in risky driving practices. Hence, insurance agencies don’t impose steep premiums for them. There are also a selected number of green cars that receive federal tax credits in the country, as endorsed by the President.

4. More affordable repair costs. This is attributed to its compact size and less complicated structure. Since they have smaller parts and less-complex features than a Ferrari or a Rolls-Royce, you can expect lesser expenditure for engine and drivetrain replacements.

5. Assists in preserving the national energy security. Since fuel efficient SUVs and cars do not use that much gasoline, countries are not anymore obliged to rely on the support of foreign oil suppliers or remove their natural resources to mine fossil fuels. This makes them more economically stable and less politically influenced, since they do not have to feel threatened of cutbacks and hoarding.

These are just some of the advantages. One should also take note about the safety features, as well as the advanced technology most of these hybrid cars offer. With all of these points in consideration, it comes as no surprise why people are now transitioning to green and practical SUVs and cars.

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