3 Occasions For Custom Crystal Awards: From Anniversaries To Retirements

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Executive office gifts are suitable for many occasions, but the three most popular are for workplace anniversaries, internal and industry awards and retirement ceremonies. There are a number of things, such as engraved crystal awards that companies can buy for their employees.

Executive office gifts are excellent ways to show employees that you appreciate what they do for you on a day-to-day basis. It's always nice to give employees small presents as a random token of appreciation,Guest Posting but there are big occasions in your workplace that call for larger executive office gifts such as custom crystal awards like clocks, frames or plaques. Here are three different occasions that are typically marked with executive office gifts.

Recognize Workplace Anniversaries

Gone are the days when employees worked at one company their entire lives. Today's average length of stay at a company is seven years, although some businesses foster environments that encourage workers to stay even longer. If you have a subordinate who's approaching a five, 10, 20 or even 30 year anniversary, mark it with some sort of token, such as engraved crystal awards. Some companies also like to commemorate the lesser anniversaries with smaller gifts like engraved pens. Just as in a marriage, workplace anniversaries are important and should be recognized.

Celebrating In-house And Industry Awards

An award is another reason to purchase executive office gifts. Whether the award is an internal one or you want to show a little extra appreciation for the employee who won an industry wide award, it's a nice touch to mark this with a tangible token of your gratitude. You can choose to have a plaque engraved or even just print out a certificate and place it into a special certificate frame or certificate holder.

Commemorate Retirement

A retirement, whether the employee has worked at your company their entire career or just a short time, is a big deal. If one of your coworkers is retiring, it's customary for the company to provide him or her with a token to commemorate the career. Many companies also have a small reception - if you do this, make sure to ask the employee's family to come to the office or venue so they can participate.

Options For Executive Office Gifts

There are a number of tokens that work for all occasions. Engraved crystal awards (such as clocks, obelisks and stemware), corporate wall plaques, lapel pins, pens and stationery sets, nameplates and watches all make excellent choices for executive office gifts. Just make sure the token matches the situation. For instance it's inappropriate to give a desk nameplate to someone when they retire and a wall plaque can be too formal for a minor celebration such as a one year anniversary. Save larger things like engraved crystal awards for big celebrations like awards, retirements or major anniversaries.

Even if you haven't purchased things like engraved crystal awards before, now can be a great time to start. Your employees will appreciate that you took the time to find a thoughtful gift and employees that feel valued often have a greater work ethic and more personal ownership of their work and their company. Executive office gifts are an easy and relatively inexpensive way to show employees what they mean to you.

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