A Glossary of Powis Parker Fastback Binding Terms

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This article will outline some of the most common terms that you may encounter when using this style of binding system. This is just a start but hopefully it will help you to start speaking the language of Fastback.

If you have a Fastback binding machine or are looking at purchasing a Powis Parker system you might have discovered that Fastback has an entire language of its own. This article will outline some of the most common terms that you may encounter when using this style of binding system. This is just a start but hopefully it will help you to start speaking the language of Fastback.

Art Cloth Cover: A Cotton fabric Fastback Hardcover. This is a bright material ideally suited for art books and professional photography books.

Bindercover: Pre-cut paper covers in a variety of colors. These covers are designed to create a coordinated effect with Powis SuperStrips.

Book Block: The interior sheets of the book without the cover.

Clear Cover: A special plastic material designed to work well with the Fastback binders. Unlike some other plastics,Guest Posting Clear Cover will not melt when binding. It is also compatible with the Foilfast binder, allowing you to add foil printing to transparent covers.

Comp Cover: Powis Parker's kidskin, paper-based and patterned material. Available in Hardcovers and in individual cover sheets for external binding.

Comp Strip: Thermal strip that matches the comp cover material in appearance. Ideally suited for special presentations of tape-bound documents.

Endleaf: (pl.: endleaves) The stiff paper that attaches the book block to the front and back inside covers.

Fastback Binding System: Powis Parker's unique thermal binding system that allows you to make tape bound, perfect-bound and hard cover books one at a time in an office environment.

Foilfast printer: Powis Parker's foil printer, which prints in foil from most office computers.

Foilfast Title Sheet: Adhesive sheets that match Powis Parker's Suede and Comp Hardcovers. Designed to work with let you add foil printing to your books.

Hardcover Guide: Assembly jig used to center and attach a Fastback Hardcover to a book block. It is also used to identify the correct Fastback Hardcover book widths, and to attach Foilfast Title sheets to the covers.

Headband: The narrow piece of striped or solid fabric at the top and the bottom of each book block. The headband was once an integral part of the binding process, but now it is purely decorative.

Library Cloth Cover: Rayon fabric Fastback Hardcover. This is an extremely rugged cover designed for heavy use, such as one might experience in a library or similar setting. Ideal for binding books for heavy use purposes or a traditional look and feel.

Linen Strip: A Fastback Super Strip made to resemble the "crash" used in traditional hard cover bookbinding.

Perfectback Strip: Powis Parker's patented strip that allows you to make softcover (paperback) books with a Fastback binder. Perfectback strips are available for the 15xs and the 9 binders.

Photo Book or Photobook: A book that consists primarily of photographic images.

Photobook Production Cell: Powis Parker's system for creating photo books. The Photobook Production Cell consists of a Fastback Splitter, a Fastback Photobook binder, and a Fastback Hardcover Guide.

PhotoPro Strip: Powis Parker's patented thermal adhesive strip designed for use with the Fastback 25 Photobook binder, and the Fastback Splitter.

PowisPrinter: Foil printer designed to add titles to spines on tape-bound books.

Release Paper: The paper that covers and adhesive panel on a Fastback Hardcover, or a Perfectback strip. The release paper is removed to expose the adhesive for binding.

Signature: A collection of pages created from a single printed sheet that is then folded and bound. Also the trade name for the adhesive sheets used with the PhotoPress to create books.

Speed Strip: Powis Parker binding strip designed to provide the fastest bind possible. Ideal for high-volume or quick turnaround environments.

Spread: An image or graphic that runs across more than one page.

Splitter: The Fastback Splitter is a device that creates micro-channels in the center of sheets of paper to help improve the binding. It is primarily intended for use with coated paper.

Stitcher: Powis Parker's stapling equipment. Part of the Studio Photobook System.

StitchFree™: Powis Parker's process to create books that are as sturdy as sewn or stapled books, but without the expense of sewing, or the restrictions of wire stitching.

Stitching: A stapling process using spooled wire instead of individual staples. The term is also sometimes used to refer to sewing. Often used in a saddle or side method to bind pamphlets and brochures.

Strip Binding: The process of binding with a thermoplastic adhesive strip. Sometimes also referred to as tape binding. See also: Tape Binding.

Studio Photobook System: Powis Parker's economy photobook production system. Designed for small businesses or copy centers and print shops that want to add photobooks to their available products. the primary Studio Photobook System consist of the 9 binder, Stitcher, and Hardcover Guide. Supplies are also available for use with the 15xs binder and third-party stitching and stapling equipment.

Suede Cover: Powis Parker's suede leather-like paper-based cover material.

Super Strip: Powis Parker's most versatile strip. Ideal for most tape-binding and hard cover binding purposes.

Tape Binding: A generic term for the process of binding a book using an external strip of tape. Tape binding refers to both pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes and thermoplastic adhesive tapes.

Temperature Activated Adhesive: Adhesive that is inert until heated. Adhesives of this type are used on all Powis Parker strips.

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