A Guide to Competitive Cleaning Service Rates

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Having an office cleaning business is an excellent means of earning money. If you have just started offering professional cleaning services, however, you have to come up with competitive cleaning service rates for your clients to keep coming back.

Residence owners are not the only ones who need professional cleaning services. Business owners today also need to have their offices cleaned,Guest Posting thus, the demand for a commercial janitorial service, as well as an office cleaning business has increased. One of the very first questions that a new office cleaning business owner is inclined to ask is about the right cleaning service rates.

Below are some tips on how you can properly put price tags on your services which attracts more customers instead of pushing them further away:

1.    Figure out the net profit for your professional cleaning services.

Among the very first steps to drawing up cleaning service rates is to start listing down the expenses you'll incur from starting an office cleaning business, the business taxes you'll have to pay, and the salary of your employees.

You'll have to make it a point that you have enough capital on hand and still have some extra cash for marketing, future expenses, future expansion costs, and the likes. Most importantly, you have to see to it that you earn enough profit from your commercial janitorial service or cleaning business.

2.    Remember the law of Supply and Demand.

Do your research and find out how many people are offering professional cleaning services in your area. If you see that you only have one or two competitors in your area and there is a high demand for what you offer, you can come up with higher cleaning service rates.

If, on the other hand, you have a lot of competitors in your area, plus the demand for your type of service is not that high, you should be wise enough to offer lower cleaning service rates, or offer your clients extra services or promotions that your competitors don't have.

3.    Always check on your competition from time to time.

For your office cleaning business or your commercial janitorial service to be profitable, you also have to consider how much your competitors are charging for their services. This is for your cleaning service rates to be at par with the competition.

If you have rates that are too high, you can expect very few clients to request professional cleaning services from you. If your cleaning service rates are too low, other people may think that you'll give them crappy service, or you are most likely to get zero profit from your business.

Keep in mind that cleaning service rates vary from one location to another. If you are located in an area full of wealthy people, clients are most likely to pay higher for your professional cleaning services. If your office cleaning business, on the other hand, is on a street where there are only one or two offices, one hotel, one bar, etc., you can expect lesser clients and rates that may not be as high as you want. Take note that for your commercial janitorial service or your office cleaning business to succeed, cleaning service rates are among the factors that you have to look into.

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