An Introduction to Dahle Rolling Trimmers

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Dahle is an office supply manufacturer that makes a lot of different products, from paper shredders to staplers.  This article will discuss the three types of rolling trimmers that Dahle produces.

Dahle is an office supply manufacturer that makes a lot of different products,Guest Posting from paper shredders to staplers. They also make paper handling products, including rotary trimmers, which are also known as rolling trimmers. This article will discuss the three types of rolling trimmers that Dahle produces.

  • Personal Rolling Trimmers. Dahle personal rolling trimmers are some of the best cutting tools you can buy for personal use. Each trimmer has a self-sharpening blade that's enveloped in a plastic casing, eliminating the risk of injury. Each trimmer has a metal base with cutting guidelines, as well as a paper clamp that keeps your paper in place, ensuring an accurate cut. And if you need to make an angled cut, it is no problem with these trimmers, because they have a protractor that can help you make that cut. They can cut up to seven pieces of paper at once, and they can cut a variety of different stocks - as well as photographs - making them great for crafting and graphic design purposes. Dahle personal rolling trimmers come in three lengths: 9", 12", and 18", so no matter if your project is big or small, there's a trimmer that's perfect for you. These units are far nicer than the low end cutters that you find at most office supply stores and they come with a price tag that is extremely competitive.
  • Professional Rolling Trimmers. If you need a rotary trimmer for your office, you should really check out Dahle professional rolling trimmers. These units have most of the same features as the personal trimmers (paper clamp, self-sharpening blade, etc.), but they can cut more paper, from 12 to 20 sheets, depending on the size of the trimmer. And speaking of size, Dahle professional rolling trimmers are perfect for those large jobs because they come in four cutting lengths that range from 14.5 inches to a whopping 51 inches. The two largest units (the 51- and 37.5-inchers) come with floor stands, so your trimmer won't take up your entire desk or tabletop. They are perfect for cropping pictures and trimming large-format jobs, such as posters and maps.
  • Premium Rolling Trimmers. If you have a big, important job to do, a Dahle premium rolling trimmer might be just what you need. These are the top-of-the-line trimmers that are ideal for graphic designers, photographers, and picture-framing stores. Dahle premium rolling trimmers come in five sizes up to 51 inches long, and they can cut between 20 and 30 sheets of paper. The blades on these trimmers are 1/8" thick and made of ground steel, providing you with a perfect cut every time you use the trimmer. The largest of these trimmers (the 36- and 51-inch models) come with floor stands and include a built-in compartment that catches paper scraps, making clean-up quick and easy.
Selecting a rotary trimmer doesn't need to be difficult. If you choose a Dahle rolling trimmer, whether it's an item from the personal, professional, or premium lines, you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality product that will make your trimming jobs easier and provide you with burr-free cuts every time.

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