An Introduction to Powis Parker Fastback Binding Strips

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This article is a quick overview of the different tape bind strips that are available and what they are used for.

If you have a Powis Parker Fastback binding machine or are considering buying one you might have some questions about the different types of strips that are offered. This article is designed to give you a quick overview of the different tape bind strips that are available and what they are used for. Here they are ...

1. Super-Strips are the most common type of Fastback binding strips and are used by the Model 11 and 15xs. They are available in a large number of colors and in three different thicknesses (narrow,Guest Posting medium and wide). These supplies have a fast binding time (approximately 17 seconds with the new 15xs CP upgrade).

2. Speed-Strips were originally designed for customers who needed a faster binding time than was available from Super Strips. However, with new upgrades Fastback Super-Strips now bind much faster than they used to and Powis will soon be discontinuing the Speed-Strip.

3. Composition-strips have a leatherette finish that is designed to match the coloration and look of Fastback Composition Covers. These elegant binding strips are available in Narrow, Medium and Wide and are available in Black, Dark Gray, White, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Red and Maroon.

4. Perfectback-strips are designed to allow users to do short run perfect binding using their Fastback Machine. Fastback Perfectback products are available in several different varieties including Lay Flat (LF), Pressure Sensitive (PS) and Thermally Activated (TA). Perfectback LF strips are designed for a flexible lay flat perfect bind. These are designed with a peel of liner for a two step perfect binding process. They are also designed to attach books into their perfect binding covers using the same type of thermally activated glue used to bind the pages together.

5. CP-strips are some of the newest kind available on the market and are designed to bind difficult to use paper stocks such as laser print or color copier paper. These use an extra long bind time (approximately 50 seconds) to bind documents that cannot be bound with other types of Fastback strips.

6. LX-strips are designed for use with the Fastback 8x binding machine. These are available in narrow and medium widths and in a number of finishes including a linen finish (similar to the Fastback Super Strips), a composition finish and in perfectback configurations. Fastback also makes an LX-Photobook strip which is designed for use as part of the Fastback Studio Photobook Binding System. The Fastback model 8x will only work with LX strips and is not compatible with any of the other types of strips that Powis Parker makes.

The six types of binding tapes listed above are the types of strips that are currently available from Powis Parker for their Fastback binding machines. However, one of the great things about Powis Parker Fastback is that they are constantly producing new and innovative products so you may see some new supplies from them soon.

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