Autumn Fall Towel Cake Favors for Special Occasions

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Famous English poet John Donne said,Guest Posting "No spring, nor summer beauty hath such graceas I have seen in one autumnal face." Autumn brings a lot of beautiful and bright colors, which people want to make a part of their special occasions. Autumn fall theme favors are the best way to preserve the essence of this season and share its magic with your near and dear ones. Autumn fall towel cake favors are unique, practical and elegant gifting options, which are designed to look like a dessert but are made out of small hand towels. These favors can also be stuffed with candies or small gifts, depending on the preferences of the recipient.

What Occasions Can be Made Special with Autumn Fall Towel Cake Favors?

Towel cake favors make ideal gifts for the following occasions:

Weddings: Wedding favors are caring souvenirs gifted by the newlyweds to their wedding guests to show gratitude. Personalized cake favors with the couple's name and date of the wedding, make a graceful statement. These leave a lasting impression on the minds of your guests, reminding them of the fun and laughter they had shared with you on the wedding day.

Birthdays: No matter what milestone in life you have reached, autumn fall cake favors are a unique and colorful way to thank your guests for sharing your special day. An autumn fall theme based birthday can beautifully blend the rich array of colors that this season brings with it.

Baby Showers: Towels and napkins form an important part of the layette of every new-born baby. While holding a baby shower, you can give towel cake favors to your guests, as a part of your baby's accessories. Your guests might be delighted that instead of something edible, they get a beautiful hand towel.

Centerpiece: Hand-crafted cake favors can be kept individually on the tables of your guests. You can also make towel cake centerpieces instead of having a real cake. The centerpieces made using towel cakes are designed exclusively for different occasions. A baby shower towel cake centerpiece will have several towel cakes shaped into teddy bears, pacifiers or rattles. A wedding towel cake centerpiece will resemble a wedding cake.

These favors can be customized on the basis of your name, special quotations and date of the occasion.

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