Does Your Company Need Viagra?

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This is a very difficult time for most companies. The economy has tanked and prospects for a recovery are far off. Sales have decreased significantly, employees and customers are under pressure, and profit is way down, if profit exists at all. This article presents a way to put your company on Viagra, energizing sales, employee performance and your bottom line.

The economy is in its worst shape in over 60 years. At this difficult time,Guest Posting does your company have the energy and drive it needs to compete successfully? Some indications that your company needs a strong dose of “Viagra” include:

Soft Sales - A significant reduction in sales. Most companies are experiencing significantly lower sales due to the economic downturn. Some companies have lost so much business that their existence is being threatened. The good news is that there are still customers for most businesses. The challenge is, what can your company do to compete more effectively and attract customers away from your competition, and to keep your current customers?

Declining employee satisfaction and employee engagement - Due to personal economic stress and the fear of losing their job, many employees are feeling the pressure and not performing at peak levels. Employees may be nervous, sleeping less and feeling depressed. As a result, they may be taking unnecessary risks, making more errors, providing poor customer service, selling less and working at lower productivity levels. What can your company do to identify employee engagement and satisfaction and make the needed changes?

Increasing risks - Risks of losing more customers, putting off essential equipment purchases, the need to lay off employees….especially some of your better employees, losing your business line of credit, needing to declare bankruptcy, going out of business and other, “hidden risks” that may erode profit. What can your company do to identify and manage risks more effectively?

If your company is experiencing any of the above indicators of low energy and drive, there may be actions beyond those that are already being taken to increase sales and company performance.

Viagra for Your Company - A low cost, highly effective way to identify what your company can do to energize sales, increase employee satisfaction and employee engagement, and identify and manage risks more effectively is to conduct surveys, taking the pulse of your customers and employees. Surveys enable your company to gather information and insight from customers and employees about what your company can do to energize performance, increase sales and enhance customer and employee satisfaction.

Employee and customer surveys can answer the following questions about driving your organization's performance and bottom line:

1. How can you significantly increase your company’s sales?

2. How satisfied and engaged are your employees?

3. How satisfied are your customers?

4. What is it like to be a customer of your company?

5. How effective is your IT support?

6. What risks does your company face?

7. How effective are your leaders?

8. How effective are your business processes?

9. Are your employees and customers thinking about going to your competition?

For all of the above questions, how did you arrive at your answers? How confident are you that you really have current, relevant knowledge about many of these issues that are driving and impacting your company’s performance?

Your Company’s Employees and Customers Have the Answers

Your company’s managers may think they know what’s on the minds of your employees and customers, and what is driving employee and customer behavior. Chances are, there are many gaps and misperceptions between what your managers are thinking and reality. Using surveys to ask employees about their perceptions, desires and needs and then taking action based on the survey information and insight is a highly effective and affordable way to energize your company.

Now is the Time to Conduct New Surveys and to Update Previous Surveys

The results from surveys your company may have conducted several months ago may no longer be valid. As the economy has eroded, customer and employee perceptions, expectations and requirements of your company have likely changed. Now is the time to conduct surveys to update information and insight about what your company needs to do now to compete more effectively and provide the solutions you need to energize sales and your bottom line. Now is also the time to conduct new types of surveys that will help your company to make better, more informed decisions and to chart a new, more competitive direction.

Surveys that can Energize Your Company’s Performance and Competitiveness

There are several types of customer and employee surveys that can provide the information and insight your company needs to significantly increase performance and competitiveness, and differentiate your products, sales and service. Information about surveys and how to achieve greater value from surveys is at Following are a few of the types of surveys that can energize your company and your bottom line:

Sales Force Opinion Surveys - Gathering information and insight from your sales force about sales processes, sales programs, marketing effectiveness, sales managers, product competitiveness, customer service, internal and customer communications and other vital issues. Sales force opinion surveys identify actions for achieving large-scale increases in sales of individual sales people and for the sales force overall.

Customer Opinion Surveys – Asking business customers and consumers about their satisfaction with your company’s products and services, customer service, product/technical support, sales people, using the company's website for information and other issues. Customer opinion surveys and customer satisfaction surveys identify actionable information and insight for enhancing marketing and increasing sales to new customers and cross-selling to current customers. They also identify opportunities for strengthening customer service, improving products, adjusting pricing, etc.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys / Employee Engagement Surveys – Learning from employees about their level of engagement and their satisfaction with their job and working for your company, identifying opportunities for increasing employee and company performance. Employee satisfaction and engagement surveys assess key issues such as company direction, internal communications, training and development, adequacy of information and tools / technology, performance measurement, empowerment, effectiveness of management, company culture, compensation and benefits, employee commitment and other issues to gather actionable information to increase employee and company performance and competitiveness.

IT Customer Satisfaction Surveys – Gathering feedback from internal IT customers about their satisfaction with IT help desks, desk side support, applications support and other IT services. Customer satisfaction surveys and customer opinion surveys assess the performance and effectiveness of internal and outsourced IT resources, providing IT managers with the information and insight they need to increase IT performance and customer satisfaction. Poor performance on the part of IT negatively impacts the performance of employees (IT’s customers) and satisfaction / loyalty of your company’s customers.

Business Risk Assessment Surveys - Running a company is a risky proposition. Too much risk can be very costly, particularly when things go wrong. Too little risk can also be very costly, especially when smart risks are being avoided or too much money is being spent to limit risks. Significant risks are often hidden or ignored by organizations. Business risk assessment surveys gather information and insight from managers about risks to physical, financial, human, intellectual and other assets, identifying and assessing hidden and ignored risks. It is all about identifying, assessing and managing a wide range of risks at acceptable levels.

Employee Benefits Opinion Surveys - Benefits programs can be very costly to both employees and companies. Designing benefits plans based on employee survey feedback can provide greater value from benefits dollars spent by employees and companies, and help avoid benefits costs that provide little value to some employees. Employee benefits are an important driver of employee satisfaction and employee performance. Well designed employee benefits plans that are based on employee desires and needs for benefits can enable companies to strengthen their ability to attract and retain employees.

Additional information about surveys that can energize your company are available at  

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