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Using copier tabs is an excellent way to keep materials organized.Here is a guide to help you choose the best copier tabs for your needs.

Using copier tabs is an excellent way to keep materials organized. However,Guest Posting with four different styles and multiple options for each one, it can be confusing to know which is right for you. Here is a guide to help you choose the best copier tabs for your needs.

  • One thing that will help you narrow your decision is what type of tab capable machine you have. Many machines are built for use with a specific tab style.

  • If you're not limited by your machine, choose the collation style that will work the best for you. The collations can be one of four ways. The most common are Single Reverse Collated Copier Tabs. These are arranged in the reverse order they will appear in your finished product. The next most popular are Double Reverse Collated Copier Tabs. Similar to the first, these also come in descending order but each tab is doubled. Straight Collated Copier Tabs are in ascending order and Uncollated Copier Tabs come with only one tab position per box.

  • Next, decide the cut you prefer. To help with this, count up the number of sections you have. You'll want to be able to use all of the tabs but you can choose how many per bank. For example, a document with 15 sections could either have three banks with five tabs each or five banks with three tabs each. Consider how you want the tabs to look in the finished material.

  • What paper weight do you prefer? Most copier tabs come either in 90lb bond or a slightly heavier 110lb bond paper stock.

  • Do you want Trilar coating on the tabs? This option covers the tab in a toner-receptive coating that allows printing directly on the tab. It also provides a wipe off surface and gives your document a more professional look. Trilar tabs come in clear or multicolored. They are also called Mylar, plastic, or laminated tabs.

  • Another potential option is to have the binding edge reinforced. This adds extra strength to the edge that will be bound, most often the 11" edge opposite the tabs. This can be especially helpful if the items will be in a three ring binder and/or used often.

  • Speaking of three ring binders, one final option we'll mention is drilling. You can get your copier tabs drilled with three holes for use in a three ring binder. Some copier tabs are available with a variety of drilling options for use in several different binding machines.

Not all of these options are available in every style of tab, so deciding on a tab style is important to do first. Then you'll be able to see what options you have to choose from. Templates for printing on copier tabs are available in Microsoft Word or as a free download online. If these options don't suit your needs, you can order custom copier tabs. Whichever one you choose, tabs will help you create professional quality materials. You can use them in reports, proposals, training materials, and many other applications. Now that you know what to look for, order your tabs today so you can start creating!

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