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The boho style is all set to dominate this summer, so if you want to get the look, here are a few simple fashion tips you should keep in mind:.

The boho style is all set to dominate this summer,Guest Posting so if you want to get the look, here are a few simple fashion tips you should keep in mind:• Hair and MakeupTo get the boho look, make sure both your hair and makeup are free and easy respectively. A tousled or messy beach hairdo will compliment the style perfectly, especially when accessorized with a hippie headband or a floral garland. Go for a minimal makeup look during the day, and then just add some glittery eye shadow and bright lipstick in the evening. You can highlight your cheekbones with a little more glitter to give it more emphasis. Just make sure you don’t overdo it, so you don’t end up looking like Tinkerbell.• Flowy FabricsThis is a huge trend for summer fashion, which works perfectly with the boho style. To achieve the look, go for a maxi dress in a light and flowy material, and you can rough it up for daytime wear by layering it with a denim waistcoat and a boho Johnny Was belt. Add a touch of hippy coolness with strings of beads and lots of bangles in the evening.• SkirtsIf you’re into the sexy short skirts with the convenience of wearing shorts, you can have the best of both worlds in wearing skorts—shorts that are designed to look like cute shorts skirts for the summer. Fabrics with ethnic or floral prints are perfect for the boho look, so choose yours in these kinds of fabrics, making sure the rest of your outfit clashes. The idea of the whole boho look is about mixing fabulous pieces with others that are a little rough around the edges. Match your skorts with Doc Marten’s boots to get that right rocking mix, while still maintaining that fashion forward appeal.• Double DenimDouble denim is back, which can be an ideal way to get that boho look. Pair ripped jeans or cut-offs with a denim shirt or flowy blouse, and top it off with a funky denim jacket. Floor-length maxis are going to be a hit this summer, so you can hit two trends at once by going denim.• AccessoriesYou can transform any outfit into boho by putting on the right accessories, so make sure you get your hands on a lot of beads, bangles, dangly earrings, and belts from Johnny Was. Crochet, leather, lace, and rope are perfect materials for a Johnny Was belt, and you can even wear two to three belts at once to create a stylish boho fashion statement.

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