Do You Want To Modify Used Shipping Containers?

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Do you need to expand your work place or home? There is a way to do it, using low cost used shipping containers. These containers can be modified to fit your needs. If you want some ideas on how to use these containers, read this article.

There are many uses you can get from used shipping containers. In today’s global situation,Guest Posting the economy is making the prices of commodity soar higher, while mankind is reaping from nature what he sowed. As the prices hike and companies keep on laying off employees, more people find themselves homeless and cramming for ways to pay for their bills.

Organizations engaged in community services are using second hand shipping containers to build houses, apartments, studios and other shelter camps. In London, there had already been successful projects of apartments of two and three stories. Some of the units are given to homeless residents who qualify, while others are rented out or sold out at discounted prices.

In Amsterdam, the cargo shipping containers are used to build dormitory for students inside the school campuses. The room accommodation and amenities vary according to the student’s financial capacity. There are rooms with air-conditioners, toilets and bathrooms, and the room sizes can be good for 1 to 6 persons. Overall, the dormitory has a mess halls, entertainment areas, reception, lounges and more.

During hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, a few of the relief organizations built relief houses and permanent houses with used shipping containers. The designs of these houses are unique and attractive, while the facilities basic to housing are complete.

Similar event happened in Haiti when it was devastated with a strong earthquake. The groups are organizing activities to raise more funds to finance the plan of constructing a small community of houses made of steel shipping containers.

People behind the projects are experts in different fields. For example, in building houses, the seismic activity and strength of hurricanes are considered so they will not be easily destroyed when calamities strike again. Each unit even comes with its own garden. The project is believed to house 2 million Haitians.

In some parts of the islands, resort houses are also established from used shipping containers. The containers are attached side by side and from top to bottom in order to produce a 2 storey resort house, complete with a bar, living room, master’s bedroom, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, 2nd story balcony, and toilet and bathroom.

People who own land outside the city built their cabin, retreat house and shelter places from storage containers. Some of them used their creativity in designing their haven, and you would have a hard time guessing the material.

In the United States, businessmen hold their offices from the containers put on sale. They also made a few renovations in order to make everything look professional, accommodating and convenient both for the office workers and their clients who come to the office.

There are even temporary classrooms and school expansions made from the used shipping containers. The expansion can be for a new library or new classrooms. They also come with their own toilet, so students will not have a hard time when they need to use the convenience.

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